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Sorry cant help you with your question but I am sure somebody will be along soon ! Just wanted to say hi and welcome hope you find shift as useful as I do all the best femke xx

Yes about my 3rd month in.

Welcome to shift steve.

I am not on copaxone but I’ve heard good things about it.

As far as dmd’s go I think my hospital Doctor wants to start me on Interferon’s.

At the moment though I personally think Avonex or Copaxone good choices from what I’ve read.

Not sure as to what avenue to take with ms meds yet until I speak to my ms nurse then hopefully I will know some more about it.

Hi Steven0967, welcome! Hope you find lots of support here!

I’ve been on Copaxone for about 6 weeks now and I’m finding it ok. I think the thought of having to self inject every day was worse than actually doing it.

Thanks for replies, was due to start Rebif but doc said my LFT levels were too high and Rebif will put them up further so they recommended starting Copaxone. Hope they make a difference

Good luck !

I’ve been on copaxane for nearly 6 months now, after the first few days it becomes second nature,
Good luck with yours! X

Thanks Niamh x

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