sarahjay 12/03/18
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Contrast dye for yearly MRI scan?

Hi all, I have a question about the contrast dye used in MRIs. If I’m having a yearly MRI and there were no new lesions or symptoms last year, how important is it that they use the contrast dye? I really truly hate having a canella put in and I’m not very keen on the stuff they are actually injecting either. How much more information will it really provide?

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3 months ago

@sarahjay , here’s a short bit about MRI Scanning , with a section on Gadolinium, the contrast dye used :-

3 months ago

Thank you @stumbler . 🙂

3 months ago

Having had 5 MRI brain scans a multiple spine/neck scans over the past 5 years the 6th brain scan last year was with contrast dye. This one picked up that I have a benign brain tumour that has been there through all the other brain scans but not spotted. In addition the dye enables the radiologist/neurologist to see if your MS is active! I hope this helps as it made me question what is the point of an MRI without dye.

3 months ago

It shows if you have any current active leisons. For me the contrast is what finally gave me my diagnosis and gave an indication that I have quite active ms, which was proved a week later when I relapsed.

3 months ago

In the UK I was told at my last scan in Jan they would stop the MRI half way if they thought they needed to give the contrast dye. New rules. In the end I didn’t need it but have had it before.You may not need it.

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