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Contraceptive pill!

So tomorrow I have an appointment to sort out a contraceptive pill. My hormones seem to effect my MS a lot and I have tried two in the last 6 months, and when coming off them because they have made me feel ill I have had relapses. One being the biggest and worst one I have ever had.

So is there any recommendations that I can discuss with the Dr?

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3 years ago

Hey holly I know there’s been a lot said about the pill etc and how it alters hormones I think the key is when you come off it? But I know if you do some reading you’ll find some info on it
I’ll see what I can find now

3 years ago

Would you consider an implant? I have one and it’s brilliant. I used to get a lot of pain as well as ms playing up and now it’s all gone!

3 years ago

Thanks guys, I would consider implant but I don’t like the thought of it being out of my control. With a pill you can just stop when you want, miss a cycle if you want..I feel you have more control x

3 years ago

My hormones are a nightmare!!! Affect my MS loads … Look up about Progesterone, this is what we need more of, there is a coil (begins with M but can’t remember the name) that helps up the Progesterone, I’m considering it!

Good luck and let us know your learnings 🙂


3 years ago

Hi Holly,

How about a coil? I was diagnosed with rrms 21yrs ago and has so many problems with various pills (even got pregnant whilst on one without missing one or being sick) and the injection (depo provera) didn’t suit me either. I was advised 15yrs ago to try a brand new coil (Mirena), it’s been brilliant, I’ve told loads of people about it and never heard anything bad about it. I used to get really heavy bleeds before it but it practically stopped all that, if I get a couple of spots that’s it. I’m now 47 and yesterday had my 4th one put in and was told I can keep this for as much as 10-15yrs, it will take me through the menopause and I can just have it removed whenever I’m ready to.

It’s another option for you xx

3 years ago

Dump the pill!! I spent years on the 12 week injection before getting the implant. Try depo 😊

3 years ago

I have got one sorted and hope it works for me. I am getting married so really want to be in control of my cycle, I will consider the coil afterward though. Thanks for all the advice x

3 years ago

Hi @hollylb10 I had the same problem,I spoke to my GP and they suggested the Mirena coil so I went for it and I have to say it has helped a lot and swear by it now and would highly recommend it to everyone……no more cramps,heavy bleeding,sweats,dizziness,fainting, exacerbated MS symptoms and now I don’t have anything. 👍🏼😃👍🏼

3 years ago

I have now got a pill….yay! Been on it 3/4 weeks and so far so good. Although a few days after starting it I suffered a relapse, but this went after a few days. now my hormones have settled again I feel fine, and no side effects. So far so good 🙂

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