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Completely confused normal results

Hi guys
Sumptoms have stayed or lessened only a touch some others have got slightly worse or more widespread.
I now have burning left foot when in shoes and pain to walk on, sharp pinching pains in legs with cramp like pains, leg muscles that get tight when walking but can still walk 3-4 miles with pain, tingling in arms when waking up etc
However January brain cervical mri clear, April brain cervical mri clear, lumbar puncture may clear, lumbar thoracic mri may clear !
I’m lost, is it common to have all clear early in Ms? Or is it pointing at something else?
Neuro thinks it could all be caused by anxiety!
I know from reading it all looks too widespread to have arm pains leg pains hand pains etc all so soon and all over but I’ve no idea what it could be, it was the Lhermittes that started all this and Al that shows on scans is 4-5 bulging discs and reactive end plates on two areas

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3 years ago

I’m no medic Krisp but given your range of symptoms I’d have thought one of your test results would have shown something amiss if it was MS.

Anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms and its fair to say you have been anxious. I’d personally want the disk issue investigating more. Are you being referred in respect of this? Is your neuro recommending more tests or have they now ruled out MS completely?

3 years ago

@krisp , this is why Neuros have such difficulty in diagnosing MS, the symptoms can present in a wide range of conditions.

Neuros have to eliminate and move on to the next possible condition.

You have to acknowledge that this is not hypochondria, but you also have to acknowledge that you are obsessed with finding an answer before the medical experts.

At the moment, this is one battle that you’re not winning. But, similar to MS, managing a condition is all about winning the war. That means we often have to surrender in some battles, so that we can come back stronger.

You’re good at research, so check out how the brain reacts to stress, the chemicals produced and the potential areas of the body that can be affected by these chemicals. I’ll give you a hint with the initials CNS!

Give up this battle and make sure you win the war. 😉

3 years ago

Hi thanks guys
It’s all odd but I guess IVE done everything I can do now, I have to wait for follow ups or more issues to show
I’ve got nerve conduction tests next week sandwich which might help with the disc issues or not
I’ve also got a neuro radiologist looking at the scans this week to see what they think
And yeah stumbler IVE been reading more about anxiety and stress and what it can do, I’m hoping that a lot of this is from that.
In honesty I haven’t been into my office other than one day in four months so I have no doubt that’s not helping, away this week on holidays again though so going to relax and enjoy it

3 years ago

“relax and enjoy it” and so you should. 😉

two holidays in close succession! Alright for some! lol 😆

3 years ago

Hope you have a good break 🙂
Sonia x

3 years ago


As per the private messages I’ve sent ask them to look into Guillan Barre Syndromw which a firned of mine was diagnosed with after a few month of similar MS investigations with he same normal results that you’ve had xx

3 years ago

I’ve read about that before but all my issues are pain no nubmbness really tingking burning and pain it’s really odd

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