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When i was at work today the lady that i work with who is really nice and i do genuinely like her & i still do after today sort of hit a nerve with me.
She needs someone to look after her pets whilst she’s on holiday and was running out of ideas of who to ask.
Another colleague of mine said, can’t your neighbours pop in and check on them etc.
She said, no, their not able to because he has multiple sclerosis and he’s bed ridden now, how their house & garden is now a complete tip.
This lady knows that im facing an ms diagnosis and when she said this she looked at me whilst nodding as if to say, you no that thing that your gonna have.
I’m trying to keep my sensible head on by thinking she meant no harm by it and that only a small percentage of people with ms end up bed ridden but its got my goat.
Its as if she sort of meant you know, that thing that starts off ok but eventually fuc** you up.
Pi**ed off really.
Lucky i have the next two days off work not to see her to let it bug me anymore.

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5 years ago

Some people try to help and end up making it worse. They can’t help it. Bit of a downer though. X

5 years ago

She may be nice but she’s no friend to you. Horrible thing to say and it shows her ignorance. But good may come out of it because you are forewarned: THIS PERSON WILL DO ME NO GOOD. From now on in, you can mentally detach yourself from her. Still be perfectly polite and civil, but never tell her anything personal and keep your distance. It’ll be interesting to see if she asks you anything – she may well turn out to be not only ignorant but a nosy parker who thrives on other people’s bad news and likes to spread it around. (I speak here from bitter experience of having worked with similar people). Even if she is actually well-intentioned, you haven’t got the emotional space to deal with comments like this. That’s not being weak, it’s self-preservation and I think most people on this site would agree. Give her a wide berth, give yourself a hug and remember – you’re coping very well.

5 years ago

Another case of not “engaging brain before putting mouth in gear”! 😯
It’s no wonder she hasn’t got anyone to look after her pets, when she converses like that! 🙄
There will always be thoughtless comments thrown into any conversation, which can hurt someone. You need to deal with them in a similar way to a duck dealing with water on his back. 🙂

5 years ago

I wouldn’t have been able to help myself….

“your neighbours Garden is a mess and they have health issues? That must be so difficult for them….Well… a good neighbour would help them out”

To me it shows her values as a human being right from the outset.

Hmmmmmm…. she sounds like apiece of work… @cameron gave good advice… don’t let her be in a position for you to even care about what she says or thinks.

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