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Coming down to earth….

After the most frantic of times, with way to much going on, all culminating in my son’s wedding weekend, I have come down to earth with a severe bump. My mood is low, my energy levels lower and I am struggling to motivate myself. Trying to remember things is a nightmare. I have called for some help with talking things through, but like everything in MS life there doesn’t seem any rush, and I need things to happen NOW! I am waiting for so many people to call me back, with appointments, with updates, with information, that I am beginning to wonder if I actually exist. Tomorrow may just be the day I start to shout at people! But before all that I really do need some sleep…. waking at 4am is not good for me. 🙁

I am now starting to ramble, so perhaps I should go before this “conversation” turns into a book 🙁

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4 years ago

If you’ve just completed a frantic time, then you need to give yourself time to return things to normal.

Treat yourself, pamper yourself and yes, chocolate, if it takes your fancy.

just give yourself time and be patient with yourself. 😉

4 years ago

Sleep, sleep & more sleep- I vote for sleep!

One thing I have learned about myself after 11 years with MS is to make sure I get adequate rest. I go as far as taking a sleep med or a med whose side effect is sleep if I have been more than 1 night with poor or inadequate rest.

My husband supports me in this- going as far as reminding me it is about time to medicate to ensure proper rest.

All my symptoms improve after a good nights sleep or two.

Maybe when your doc does finally get back to you you can hit him up for zzzz’s medicine!

My favorite non-Rx sleep aid is Benadryl (diphenhydramine) but I don’t know if it is OTC there. I also use Ambien. Also Neurontin (gabapentin) + Amitriptyline (this last combo only if I need the neurontin for nerve pain). I never take these 3 options together.

Sweet dreams!

4 years ago

You need to get your head round the inevitability of this, as @stumbler and @us-emma illustrate. This is one of the ‘losses’ that MS lands you with – I find there is usually a price to pay for anything outside normal routine, but I do often choose to overdo things because we have to live our lives! Hopefully, you’ll get very very savvy about what is likely to cause you problems. Every time I go away, even for just a couple of days, I need to juggle my exercise routine – which usually means I do half the amount or sometimes none at all and that can go on for a fortnight. A bore. But it’s doable and it doesn’t need to make you feel inadequate or out of control. xx Big hugs

4 years ago

Thank you everyone, so much. I need a good kick up the bum and will certainly try some OTC medicines. My husband is on his way home from the States tonight, so he will provide the kick I am sure. But you guys help immensely. xx

4 years ago

Hi @tiggermum hope things are looking up for you now that your hubby is at home and that plans for your son’s wedding are helping to keep you busy.. Best wishes 🙂

4 years ago

You have to remember that life can get whizzy -whizzy for a while, but we then pay by getting dizzy!
Its partly emotional…ups and downs. Partly cuz we are waiting and feel “Ok i want it to happen RIGHT NOW”……but we are on someones else’s schedule and they are not the same!!
Ranting is good….means you are not bottling it up. Sleep also VERY good. Sounds like you have got overwound, Tigger needs go boinnnnng!

4 years ago

Two weeks of waiting for news, and today i got a call. MRI showed no significant change in the lesions in my brain and neck from two years ago. I cant believe how happy that call made me feel. Seeing the consultant in January, as a follow up, any my GP on Monday. Looks like I can just live my life as I have been doing – only better.

My husband and I have decided that if there is something we want to do – dont plan in the future, just do it now! We had plans for our silver wedding anniversary in 2018 but we are doing it next year instead. Who knows where we will be in three years. California perhaps? Or Ireland? or anywhere. I do know though – I will make sure I am strong enough for whatever life wants to throw my way. 🙂

4 years ago

Looking good, @tiggermum . 😉

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