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Coffee & effects of caffeine?

Ok, so it was a sunny day in Scotland so decided to take a wee trip to Starbucks and get myself the world renowned Duffin (Muffin shaped doughnut) that I have fallen madly in love with, step aside wife, and I had two cups of coffee. I don’t drink coffee very often now but it may be a reaction to the caffeine. I cannot stop shivering/trembling. It is my injection day so it may be a side effect of the medication and the caffeine together. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I’m not overly worried but just keep dropping things and its feels weird having a little shiver all over :/

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4 years ago

Not sure what you’re on but I had a similar reaction to my injection (avonex) over the first couple of months, never thought about the coffee! Hope you’re feeling a bit better now.

4 years ago

@ballpat1 Yeah I’m taking Avonex, not sure what was happening, the shivering as stopped now but my whole body is aching. Took me forever to get to sleep last night and woke up felling even worse.

The shivering reminded me of the first time I ever took Avonex but never had a repeat of the shivering till now. I will call it a one off at this stage and just bear the ache until I’m better. It’s just a pain in the arse!

4 years ago

I was on Betaferon for 5 years.

Every now and again, I’d get the flu-like symptoms. No pattern to it, I’d be fine for weeks, then it just happens.

Just one of those things?

4 years ago

@stumbler Yeah I suppose it is. It was just a little annoying and now I am sore all over today. Thankfully should be away by Sunday though.

4 years ago

Was advised to avoid caffeine by a medical professional who gt his research from trials in the Lancet medical journal.And chocolate is a nono, but an occasional treat 😉

4 years ago

@djdsouza Yeah I was advised that aswell so gave up drinking coffee for about 6 months. As for chocolate I never really over indulged. I am getting the feeling MS is like the anti-fun police! Next it will be taking away eating love hearts and nobody is taking my love Herts away! 😛

4 years ago

@johnathanmac, I drink Coca Cola at work to give me a energy boost for 2 hours at a time, usually only 330ml can of Coke does it. I can’t drink Diet Caffine Free because of the aspartame in it. When I have anything with aspartame in, I go week and get really bad fatigue.

Love hearts are awesome! Shame my IBS doesn’t think that, so it’s a treat every now and then.

Try to avoid high levels of Cafine, maybe next time only have one cup. Moderation is key in MS.

A steady low of energy is always better than a hit from a sugar rush like Coke/Coffee so a steady diet helps.

4 years ago

I don’t drink coffee, but my Physio advised me to drink White Tea, which is naturally caffeine free, so it would be less of an irritant to my body than normal Tea, hope this helps 🙂

4 years ago

Yes coffee affects me like that and depending on the strength (Italian background) get jumpy, sweaty, shaky big time. If I feel like a soy cappuccino I ask for decaf but I just don’t drink coffee that much weak tea or herbal. It makes sense that this happens because you have think your brain cells are damaged and caffeine is a drug and goes to brain cells to give you a boost. I find if I need energy green tea give me energy but not the same affects as the above. I suppose cause green tea is high in antioxidants.

4 years ago

I like the sound of those DUFFINs 😛 but as for coffee I usually have to go for a decaffeinated one but on seeing a programme about how they take the caffeine out of the coffee bean is more worrying, they have to wash the beans in a poison.. 🙁 . I tried to go back to caffeine coffee’s after that but the first two left me “TREMBLING” for the rest of the day and made me feel so ill and jumpy.. couldn’t eat.. felt sweaty and shaky for hours not a very nice experience. So now I just drink decaffeinated tea ..

4 years ago

Gotta say 2 things. 1st off Starbucks coffee is mega strong and mega big. TWO??? deffo a caffiene high, methinks, or sugar rush from the entire;y unhealthy Duffin.
you’ve also just given your body a humungous shot of potassium. Drink more water.

1 year ago

Many people says what coffeine have some effect on em, like u cant sleep or somthink, but to me its not like this! Its effect its zero!

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