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closing throat

Hi… Wondering if anybody has experienced a closing throat feeling? I have read that it’s linked to the brain stem. I have no pain but it just feels ‘ thick’. I’m on fluids only today as IM at work and don’t want to risk being sick here. IM not struggling with swallowing, and my speech is normal… With love ❤ to you all xx

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3 years ago

@bubblesgalore , could it be that the glands have swollen in your throat? Perhaps a trip to your GP is in order, to let them have a quick look.

3 years ago

Thanks stumbler.. I wanted to avoid gp. Dysphagia is the symptom.. Some days worse than others. Today is pretty unsettling. Thankyou for your reply xx

3 years ago

I have this symptom too. It has improved (with all my other MS symptmoms) after taking Lemtrada last year but I HATE this.

My worse symptoms come about when I am drinking fluids and somehow aspirate them ‘down the wrong way’ and end up in a coughing fit.

I also had to stop eating Tortilla Chips- I live in Texas and these are a common party food or free appetizer at Tex-Mex restaurants. I found small pieces of the chips would become lodged in my throat or inhaled into my trachea. I could never get those out and it was painful.

You can get a swallowing test. This is quite common in MS- or better still fight back against the disease with effective treatment like Lemtrada.

I was on Tysabri for 6-7 years and this symptom kept getting worse- and back then Tysabri was the strongest medicine. These days we have something even more effective and I finally feel like I am winning the battle against MS for the first time in my life.

Take care,

3 years ago

This was one of my earliest symptoms. Very scary when first experienced. I had it so bad once that I could not swallow my own spit and had to go home from work to let the swallowing muscles relax. It has never been that bad since starting DMDs, but it has required developing unique reflexes or coordination to quickly detect and react to the triggers to prevent aspirating certain foods like Emma described. I am starting my Lemtrada journey later this month. I never dreamed that it could help with older symptoms like this. I will be so grateful for any improvements in any symptoms. Looking forward to the journey. I am compiling a list of testimonials for support and inspire me This will be in there!

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