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Chilblains associated with MS?


so it is that time of year again when the chilblains on my feet really start to play up. I am wondering whether MS has a potential impact on circulation and is therefore making them worse. Each year they are slightly more extensive and, despite using the hydrocortisone cream prescribed by the GP, the itchy red and shiny painful skin areas are not going anywhere. One of the blisters is permanent – I have had it for at least 3 years and it comes and goes in severity. I also experience them at other times of year, yes even in the summer, although not as badly as in the winter months.

It all started years ago when I used to work outside in winter for hours on end in stupidly cold conditions and ignored the painful sensation it caused in my feet. Naturally I do everything to keep my feet warm – two pairs of socks on most of the time – but even so it does nothing to stop them. They really hurt, burn, ache when I walk any kind of distance. Numbness plus pins and needles are regular MS symptoms in my feet so I thought there might be a connection.

Any thoughts? Could it be related to Raynaud’s? My toes do sometimes go white and tingle when they warm up but this is not the primary issue.

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1 year ago

@sylvanna, the problem we experience is that our brains do not receive the right messages from the nerves on our feet. And, this not knowing what’s going on means that our brains are not able to take the correct remedial action, i.e. pump some more blood to our feet to warm them up.

So, that’s the problem. I just wish I had an answer….

1 year ago

I also suffer them on legs and hands!
Fo the Legs i recently bought in amazon

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They are warm i use them to protect lower legs i also use heat holder socks and a blanket on my legs when i use scooter.

They are a pain difficult to treat!


1 year ago

oh yes feet problem can’t be caught in my case altho I never pay attention to them since I had them for yrs and made decision to adapt it best i can till i get used to it and i did now
My bottom feet feel burny when i cool them they over freez and so on hehe.
I dont cover my feet with planket when I sleep winter or summer our winter in saudi your = summer. and our summer you know 40 degrees and more.

1 year ago

Thanks @stumbler your comments pretty much confirm what I thought. I wish there was more written on the subject of chilblains being exacerbated by MS – I sometimes feel stupid for mentioning them to medics, like it should not be a big deal, but it is just one more issue in a long line of things that make a ‘normal’ life just that little bit more difficult.

@nutshell88 I don’t know how you cope with such temperatures. I begin to struggle when the thermometer reaches 25 degrees! The ironic things with my body is that my feet will be mostly cold most of the time but when in bed they can be the hottest part of my body!

@mmhhpp thanks for the recommendations, I’ll look into those socks.

1 year ago

Hi @sylvanna recent summer was over 50c lol.
When i was at uni couple of yrs after my daignosis with Ms I had major kinda deporession because of the heat. I graduated went study in Scotland I froze haha I remember I was crying in Scotland sometimes missing the heat šŸ˜‚šŸ’”. But now Iā€™m living normal keeping my mouth shut.
Life has loads of distraction now I hardly pay attention to any pain.

1 year ago

I use Heat Holder socks in bed because they are extremely thick and loose, but never fall off. My feet are so sensitive I can’t bear any fabric pressing on them, but the Heat Holders allow the toes to move and therefore for the circulation to be the best it can be. I’ve never tried this but have seen advertised an electric blanket that has an extra element for the bottom of the bed, so that your feet receive a boost of heat as soon as you get into bed. Normal socks for the daytime are a problem for me: some add to the tingling feet I get from the MS and for whatever reason, my feet are uncomfortable by the end of the day. The best ones I have come across are not regular socks but liners. They’re very thin, soft and so light that they don’t constrict either the feet or the calf. They’re intended to be worn under regular socks but I find they are fine on their own. BRIDGEDALE THERMAL LINERS. They don’t appear to have Ladies’ sizes in this type, but Men’s medium fits a treat (I’m a 6/7 size). Not cheap, but have definitely helped. I’m sure you should mention the chillblains to the MS team – after all, it’s affecting your quality of life and is probably stopping you from keeping as active as you need to be. Perhaps they need to look at your whole treatment package?

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