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Chest Pain and Chest Weakness

Hey everyone Ive recently been diagnosed with rrms Feb 2017. Since than I haven’t had a relapse until now Feb 2018..My whole chest started to do weird things first it started with pains pins and needles then it started to have a squeezing sensation where I thought I was having a heart attack…( Which later I found out was not the case)….but then I noticed my chest was numb and I couldn’t even feel myself breathing..I can feel my muscle tighten up but that was it… That’s sent me straight to panic mode where my heart rate went up..I start feeling weak in general I thought I was dying. from that point on my heart rate kept being High!…due to anixety . Finally was admitted to the hospital where they gave me a MRI. I was told I had 3 new lesions one being on my Brain Stem… From that point they gave me Solumedrol iv for 3 days and from that my eye got a little better but my heart palpitations got worse..My breathing is off and my blood pressure goes up and down…Not to mention the extension anixety and muscle relaxers they prescribed me. I don’t know what to do I’m going Crazy!…. have anyone experience or at least close to my story!?…Help me im freaking out;!

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1 year ago

Hi @nelrob91 and welcome.

The discomfort that you’re feeling around your chest is the “MS Hug, or Banding. There’s some details here:-

Hopefully, knowing what the cause is will help you with the anxiety, breathing and blood pressure.

1 year ago

Does it supposed to last for months?…with palpitations??

1 year ago

@nelrob91 , MS, and its symptoms, are unpredictable. Accepting your diagnosis and relaxing yourself will probably help.

The “Hug” is caused by muscle spasms, so increasing the Baclofen could be a good call.

1 year ago

You don’t mention any prospect of drug treatment. Have you been offered a DMT?

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