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Chest numbness


Has anyone here had numbness / loss of sensation in their chest and breast area before? I also have it in my left hand but there’s normally a little numbness there.

I haven’t had a relapse since my diagnosis over 10 years ago, until now. I’m not seeing a neurologist until the 29th March and I don’t have an MS nurse.

I’m quite scared because its such a central area.


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10 months ago

@carolinerichardson, I’m just wondering whether this is a mild episode of the “MS Hug” :- ?

You’re right to be concerned, but it shows that you are aware of your body, which uses signs like this to warn us that we’re “irritating” our MS. We just need to look at what’s presently happening in our lives and make some adjustments. This might just be a case of getting some extra rest.

We should all be assigned an MS Nurse, that we can use as a first point of contact for all things MS. You may be able to locate and self-refer to you MS Nurse by using this web page:-

Otherwise, ask you Neuro at your appointment in a fortnight.

10 months ago

I don’t currently have a diagnoses but a few weeks ago my back and part of my chest went numb. I understand the feeling of being alarmed by it.

10 months ago

Thank you for your reply @stumbler. I’ve been looking into MS nurses. Its a little confusing as there isn’t one in my area (Croydon), and it seems there can be complications from having a nurse that’s in a different area. But I’m going to the GP tomorrow so hopefully they can tell me more..

I have terrible and mostly untreated anxiety that both is worsened by and exacerbates symptoms. This is probably ‘irritating’ the MS. I’m going to ask the GP about short term meds for that tomorrow too..

Thanks again for your response. I only discovered this website yesterday and I already feel a little more supported

10 months ago

Thats frightening for you @kelly83. Are you in the process of getting a diagnosis? Good luck and don’t let the fear get the better of you (like I do)!

10 months ago

@carolinerichardson , anxiety is a frustrating problem. Even when you have accepted the problem and consciously tried to address, your sub-conscious has other ideas! There’s some more details here :-

As for an MS Nurse, I’d give this one a call/email:-

Sarah White
[email protected]
0208 725 4111
Area covered: Boroughs of Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth, as well as patients from Croydon and Kingston Upon Thames who have a neurologist based at St George’s Hospital.
Referral: Via any healthcare professional

I’m sure she’ll let you know who covers your area.

10 months ago

@carolinerichardson, or call the Patients Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) at your hospital. They should be able to find out for you.

10 months ago

@stumbler yeah! I have an internal battle going on of how to react and process and anxiety is consistently winning.
Thanks for the links. I’ll give her a call tomorrow.. I hadn’t heard of PALS, I’ll try them too 🙂

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