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Charley horse

I have a baclofen pump living in my belly to deal with baseline spasticity. But I am still plagued with painful charley horse cramps every night, and often during the day. It seems as soon as I get into bed and start to relax, ol’ Charley rears up. Sometimes I just have to sit up, or get up, move my legs around, and that takes care of it. But other times, I can be up for hours in pain. My neuro says to stretch, and be sure I’m hydrated, and yeah, I do all of that. Maybe this is just something I have to live with. I’m hoping someone out there has a miracle treatment for these leg cramps. I like horses, just not this kind.

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1 year ago

@zenhead , I don’t know whether there’s anything here to help you :-

You may also want to get your Magnesium levels checked, as a supplement may help.

1 year ago

@zenhead I take a magnesium supplement and also use a magnesium spray directly on calves it really helps me along with regular stretching. Hope you get relief soon!

1 year ago

When I was first diagnosed I had terrible leg cramps, if I was able to scoot my foot to the side of the bed and let it dangle that helped. I read a blog by another MSers that he found that they ended sooner if he relaxed. He relaxed by telling himself that it will be over soon, it always goes away. I did that and it helped also, but the thing that made them go away was going to a physical therapist. She gave me a list of a bunch of different stretches and made sure I did them properly. I have been doing them for nine years and haven’t had any more leg cramps. So get your neuro to refer you to a therapist and do the exercises you won’t regret it. Potter

2 weeks ago

Thanks all. I’ve been away somewhere for a year, only just returned to read your comments. After trying everything – I mean everything! – and after assuming this was a neurological issue, it turned out to be spinal stenosis, revealed via MRI. After two steroid injections, the spasms are about 40% or so better, and I think that’s the best I can hope for. I’ll be talking with my physiatrist and see if there is anything more we can do.

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