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Changing my Neurologist

Has anyone got any advice on how I would go about changing my Neurologist. I live in Rainham in Essex and anyone who knows the area know our local hospital is queens. I’ve been unhappy with my Neurologist from day one I’ve always felt that she has no empathy or compassion. I feel that she may be offering me the best medication etc for my situation but she is very much a no nonsense your just a number not a person attitude. I thought it was just me but at my last appointment whilst waiting to see her another lady was chatting with me and expressed exactly the same opinion of her. I recently asked if I could have two separate MRIs as a 90 minute scan means lots of sedation as I have severe claustrophobia and I felt that two 45 mins ones I may be able to cope better with. She just disregarded this as a stupid idea and said no not possible. Yet I’ve spoke last year to other people on here who have done just that and their neurologist was happy to do that for them. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks in advance

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2 months ago

@wendyhills , have a quiet word with your MS Nurse. They’ll know what’s going on and may have suggestions for an alternative Neuro.

It’s your prerogative to seek a second opinion. And, it’s all dependent on how far you’re willing to travel. If you were willing to travel to London, you could be under the team at Barts……..

2 months ago

@stumbler thank you I will speak to her at my next appointment which is coming up soon

2 months ago

However you resolve this – whether it’s changing to another neuro or moving hospital – you’re absolutely right to do so. The mistake would be to put up with it.

2 months ago

@wendyhills, we did an MS Reporters series on a similar topic to this which was released last month. We asked healthcare professionals questions such as ‘If I’m not happy with my healthcare team what should I do?’ and ‘What can I do if I’m worried I’m not getting the best MS care in my area?’

Here is the link to the playlist of videos, they may (or may not!) be helpful:

2 months ago

I have came across that same issue with neurologist acting like you’re just a number you get no type of connection with them and I’m sorry but since this disease is lifelong I want someone who’s going to be there not someone who I question so I definitely feel where you’re coming from

2 months ago

@kaylove I feel exactly the same that this is a lifelong thing I really don’t want to put up with this attitude and really want to see if I have other options. Thank you for your input it helps to know I’m not the only one x

2 months ago

My first neurologist was at Queens too. I took a dislike to him as he was not proactive and too risk averse on treatment options. Also only gave me an appointment 5 months after I was hospitalised with a relapse so did not think he takes me seriously

Fortunately work let me see a private neurologist and he agreed to take me on at NHS – Royal London hospital which is easier for me to get to than Romford.

3 weeks ago

Hi, I changed my neurologist after speaking to my GP about how I was feeling. Maybe they could help you. Also I am extremely claustrophobic. I attempted many mri’s under various different levels of sedation but in the end it was arranged for me to have a general anaesthetic which was perfect. It will be a longer wait as much more to set up but it can be done. Hope you work it out.

3 weeks ago

My first was was a silly Billy as well, what’s wrong them we are going though enough without there cloud hanging over us. Hope you get it ms nurse is lovely though thankfully

2 weeks ago

Thank you everyone @gilliland-hair a general is not an option I tried to go down that route but would not let them put me out almost punched the anaesthetist lol but IV sedation helped me this time I’m having diazepam from my GP fingers crossed it works for me.

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