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Carpal tunnel or just good old MS numb?

Had a nerve conduction test a few months back on both wrists. My right broken wrist had healed quite nicely, but then a misguided attempt to supplement physio (pulled out my manual typewriter to strengthen my fingers), lead to a severe case of carpal tunnel in my right wrist with my left not far behind. The fingers on my left hand have been profoundly numb for years.

I’m scheduled to see the neurosurgeon about my carpal tunnel in a few weeks. While the nerve pain has subsided, my wrists still ache and are weak with over use or weather changes. My questions are these … How much of the loss in nerve conduction is carpal tunnel vs Demylination? Would surgery improve the numbness issue? Should I redo the nerve conduction test?

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? I find its always a challenge to figure out what’s MS vs other😜 Thanks!

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1 month ago

I have no medical knowledge but it seems to me that the neurosurgeon should guide you about this. If the carpal tunnel treatment – whatever it is – doesn’t sort things completely, that would be the time to do further nerve tests. While you’re waiting for the appointment, you could always let the MS nurse know what’s going on and ask him/her if there are any questions you should be asking at your appointment.

1 month ago

Hi @cameron, thanks for the suggestions! I’m a lot leary to pursue a surgical option if it only addresses half of the issue and comes with the risk of compounding the problem.

1 month ago

Exactly! That’s always a concern, so before you commit to surgery you’ll want to know from your MS team if there are any contraindications. But I imagine that if carpal tunnel has been diagnosed, that would be a separate issue to be addressed in any case. It could be that the stress that this is putting on your skeletal frame is worsening the MS-related symptoms. MS always seems to find your weakest point – at least that’s my experience.

1 month ago

I have recently had a nerve conduction test on my hands too. This was done because the tips of my fingers are numb, i have weakness and my grip is gradually getting worse. My test showed that i had very early indications of Carpal tunnal but not enough to explain my symptons totally, plus my little finger is involved and in Carpal Tunnal its the thumb and first 3 fingers involved not the little finger. They told me that my problems are my MS with slight involvement due to early stages of carpal tunnal .
Im not sure what the next steps are for me until i see my neurologist. I hope you get sorted very soon.

4 weeks ago

Thanks @sarah-Irwin. I’ve found acupuncture (arm and hand) helpful at keeping things limber even though my sense of touch is all wonky. Hope you get yours sorted soon too.

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