6 years ago
cannibis spray?

Hi there, has anybody tried this? think its called sativex, I’ve been looking at it on the net but not sure how good it will be or how to approach my doctor or hospital with the suggestion?! Can anybody help? Xx

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If you do a search on the blog for Sativex, there are a few more articles there too.

As far as I’m aware, if your neuro thinks it would be beneficial, he needs to put together a case for funding, as it’s not been assessed by NICE so it depends on your local area whether or not you can get it. This link may explain a bit more:


I only know one person who has tried it and she said it wasn’t really working for her, but she’d only just started it so maybe it takes a while to kick in. Hope that helps a bit!

T, talking to the Doctor at the talk we were both at the other month (who looked as if he’s permanently on Sativex) he said it’s ore widely available now if your GP believes you’ve got a case.

I think the funding is still dependent on local authorities though. Amandalou, you’d have to check. The person I know who tried it out had to wait a while before starting it because her funding case had to be approved……

DJD – hope you’re well!

I got told that Sativex would only be considered if all of the usual meds had been tried and found not to help……….

thanks guys I’m just tryin to think of things to help as hospital are like my a**e in the 5 years I’ve been diagnosed they have only offered me tysabri which I didn’t want cos of the PML so it was me that did all checking other stuff out I’m on rebif now hospital was no help at all I know its not as strong as tysabri but I just want to try little things at mo stuff that’s not as risky! Bet that sounds stupid?! Xx

I have been on sativex for about 3 years now & find it helps me alot.It takes the stifness out of my hands & helps the spasam in my legs,had a bit of trouble getting it to start with but now no probs getting it(still not as good as the real thing ;0)

Amandalou – no it doesn’t sound silly at all! It’s something that we all have to weigh up at some time or another!!

As far as I know you can only have sativex if you have tried all other medication, but are unable to tolerate them.

As Stumbler & Skippy say, the ‘official rule’ for neuro’s is that this is the last resort, so be prepared for a year or more of working your way down the list of despazmaloids – Baclofen, Tianidine, etc etc. However hopefully you might have a neuro who isn’t such a rulebook-follower!

My neuro was grt with it i had already been on tazadine for a few years so he just said try this spray ;0)

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