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6 years ago

Hi @emptyzomby

I was a heavy user during my 30s and early 40s. Ironically, I had no idea at the time that I was going to be diagnosed with MS, so I can’t claim to have been smoking it for its medical benefits. I guess I just liked getting high too 🙂


6 years ago

You guy’s are awesome!! I use to smoke but fear of losing my job I had to put that activity on hold 🙂 . I’m curious of it’s medical benefits. Have a great day.


6 years ago

am struggling at the moment so might indulge in some tonight

6 years ago

I dabbled when I was younger, and feel like having it some days, just to chill stress free like my nurse tells me to and laugh at nothing 😀

6 years ago

I smoke from the time i get up till i go to bed..i use becuz it relieves my symptoms but the plus side is a nice relaxed feeling!

6 years ago

Hi @ricanfemale30 I used to smoke with a sense of commitment too, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your POV) the weed in the UK is too damn strong nowadays – it’s impossible to get nice buzzy “session” weed now, you can only find paranoia inducing turbo strength space weed that should probably be classified as a class A drug. Thanks for that prohibition.


6 years ago

Before my official diagnosis in 04 I used to smoke like a chimney, I actually thought I fried my brain smoking so much, but it turned out to be MS, lol. I still smoke ( for 22 years now) but it does not help my MS symptoms, and with the dizziness and confusion I sometimes wonder if I should be smoking at all. It definitely doesn’t help with cognition or balance but takes my mind off my MS a lot of times. Ha, forgetfulness can be a good thing sometimes.

6 years ago

I was a veteran pot head for a decade before I was diagnosed. A while after my diagnosis I chose to slow down cuz it actually seemed to exagerate symptoms like brain fog and the buzzing and weakness I get in my arms :S not to mention it was just making me paranoid that every weird sensation I had was my ms! Since giving birth to my daughter 10 weeks ago I havent touched it… haha maybe I am a born again virgin lung (not likely). I am pro using weed if it helps you medically or if you plain just enjoy it. Wish i could still partake!

6 years ago

Years ago i smoked it for fun………But now it makes me paranoid if I’ve had a wee spliff at a party!!! Best avoided for me as am mad enough!!!!!! Enjoy yer wee puff!!!!

6 years ago

I’ve been smoking pot every day for years, just for fun.
I had actually taken a break from it for four months, then got diagnosed with MS, so started again!!! I like to tell myself giving it up is what gave me MS 😉
I don’t notice a relief in my symptoms at all, but I have never had MS without smoking pot so I don’t know if I would fall apart if I stopped smoking.
It has always helped me with my stress levels and sleeping though. I get all my daytime chores out of the way, and once the evening hits, I spark up. I never smoked while working and I wouldn’t smoke if I had anything important to do.
They are looking at bringing that Sativex stuff into Ireland, which interests me.

5 years ago

Hi Emptyzomby
I have found a very good system. I use the Swank low fat diet and pure cannabis (never ever use tobacco because it brings on symptoms and now I usually vapourize). I feel great and instead of relapsing I’m off on holiday next weekend.

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