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6 years ago

do you mean in the practical sense or not tell anyone of your diagnosis. if the first i think it would depend on your physical symptoms. i look after my family and have very little help. i’m terrified of having to be looked after.

6 years ago

Funnybank I meant as in the practical sense. You are blessed, stay strong and keep on looking after your family

6 years ago

let you know be that way for about 5 month up to now yeh

6 years ago

DouBt We cAn Live ALoNe witH ms,

6 years ago

@drhassan why dont you think we can live alone with ms ? i live alone with 4 children so what does that mean ? i struggle to walk etc and i try my best . i have never needed looked after and really dont want to start now

6 years ago

I’m sure it is possible to live alone with MS. As long as your situation and and condition are stable I don’t see why not. Although I wouldn’t have noticed my newest symptom without my partner being home with me. I think the answer to this question is different for everyone.

6 years ago

I live alone. My two children and their partners all have keys to the home. Ive also got 4 dogs. 2 large Akitas and 2 lurchers… They have to be satisfied with the garden until one of the family helps with their walking. Generally I am alone and just about to return to work on a phased return. I had a bad relapse which has taken 4 months for me to bounce back to normal. I am going to try and set up/agree with my fast response team and start team to assist me should I relapse to the same level as before. It is a need and not a want so it should be easy to place for me.
Thank goodness for the lap top – thats my key to the outside world

6 years ago

I’ve been living alone in Japan for a year and yeah, it can be tough, I’ve gone through 2 relapses here, but I feel like I can take on the world now!

6 years ago

I live alone with wonderful friends and family to help if/when I need it. I’m very independent and I’ll be damned if I’ll let this disease take that away from me!!!

6 years ago

Hi. I think you can live alone. My partner is in the forcesm and based in Germany at the moment, so I kinda do it. The kinda bit is that both my family and friends and his are fantastic and live very close. As I’m pregnant (all excited) and in a wheelchair that is great, but it can be done.

6 years ago

More than likely depends on the individual though I’m more than sure it’s possible. Me on the other hand, with or without MS I would find it lonely as I currently live with my best friend and have done for the last 5 years. Also helps if you have a good support network of friends and family nearby.

2 years ago

I live alone and get virtually no family support which I’m finding both sad and difficult to cope with. My parents died a number of years ago and my elder brother and sister don’t live near me, never visit and seem to have developed a method of ‘dealing with me’ (their words) which seems to be ‘out of sight out of mind’. While I do have friends I feel let down by the lack of support offered by my siblings and feel exhausted and lonely trying to organise my daily needs alone and plan for my future.
I currently live in a flat on the first floor and am able to climb the stairs but know I need to think about moving and make the necessary plans to do so. This thought is overwhelming me and I’m finding it difficult to relax and appreciate any good things in my life at the moment.
Any advice or support regards planning to move and how to take practical steps to clear my house in preparation for moving home would be helpful.

2 years ago

Unfortunately, @julsie , MS is still one of those taboo subjects, which are best avoided by the general population. MS is like death – no-one wants to talk about it or be involved with it. It really is an awareness issue.

But, well done for looking to the future. MS or no MS, those stairs would have eventually caused a problem. Look on this potential move as a positive in all the good things it will give you, not at the negative aspects.

\i can’t offer too much advice about the logistics of making this move happen as I don’t know whether you property is owned or rented. However, as far as the physical logistics if moving are concerned, then contact your local Social Services and see what help and advice they can offer.

Keep looking forward, @julsie. 😉

2 years ago

Hi Stumbler, Thanks for your comments It helps to hear from others with MS because as you stated nobody else wants to talk about it!

I’m aware that I’m good at keeping my head in the sand and not facing up to facts so appreciate your practical advice re the stairs. I will have to move sooner or later and your comment has definitely helped give me a nudge towards taking action, so I’ll get in touch with social services in the near future and think seriously about where to move.

I hope that you’re having a good day and succeeding in looking at the positives….

All Best Wishes Julsie

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