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Can you feel an attack hit?

I’m recently RRMS diagnosed and forgive my ignorance but I’m still learning a lot about the condition.

A few months ago out of nowhere a slight imbalance one morning developed into several symptoms causing me to be hospitalised.

MRIs have found several old and new lesions indicating I’ve had this for longer than the recent attack of course.

I was given steroids and I’m feeling like 90-95% at the moment.
I can see, and walk almost, normally which couldn’t do until recently.

I’m finding a few questions arise from time to time and found this website so hoping I could ask.

I get some slight shooting pains in my head from time to time which I feel could just be normal body sensations.

So my question is, do attacks actually cause any pain themselves?

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1 year ago

@londonlad , don’t worry about your “ignorance”, we’ve all had to learn from a similar starting point.

MS is capable of causing us all kinds of symptoms, .

Now, a shooting pain in the head could be Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), .

It’s always wise to discuss any new symptoms with your MS Nurse. They should be able to help determine whether this is MS-related or not.

1 year ago

Hi @londonlad i am in a similar position to you and the diagnosis makes you think every twinge and pain is MS related when it often is just normal body sensations. Im only just learning too but I think its good to be aware of how you feel but try to balance it with not over thinking too much. Im learning there is so much treatment and advice available we are never on our own 🙂

1 year ago

Thank you for making time to reply
@stumbler and @molineux1047
I will speak with my ms nurse but this was great to use as an outlet in the meantime.

Take care

1 year ago

Hey @londonlad
The shooting pains you are talking about were my first symptom of MS, as @stumbler says it could be trigeminal neuralgia, in my case it was. As he said tell your ms nurse about it. Hopefully it’ll go away on it own 😘

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