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Can I boost my immune system?

Hi- this might be a stupid question but wondered if anyone on here has any good advice. I work in a large secondary school so I come into contact with lots of kids and therefore a constant stream of bugs and illnesses. Since starting Tecfidera I have been much more susceptible to colds, ear and throat infections and found out on Tues that my lymphocyte count is at 0.6 which I understand is pretty low. The problem is that I used to be able to work through these kind of minor illnesses but these days they just floor me. I’ve been off work for 4 days and still don’t feel well enough to go back tomorrow. Has anyone got any good tips for ways I can boost my immune system to either prevent illness or to get back on my feet more quickly?

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1 year ago

Hi @niccis. Don’t have any top tips as yet, but I am in Wk 4 on Tecfidera and am also in a school! Are your HR type people aware? I am not really going public as was only recently diagnosed but I have told HR. Would be good to stay in touch and see if we can post future tips on this subject.

1 year ago

I have been on Tec for four years and still haven’t figured this one out. Fortunately I don’t have to work but occasionally my husband will bring something home. Last time he gave me a cold it took me three weeks to get over it and a trip to my GP. Along with the cold I got a ear and eye infection and had to take antibiotics. I grocery shop at a time when few people are around and try to stay home if there is a virus or flu going around. I am sure you wash your hands a lot already, I just wanted you to know your not alone with this problem. Potter

1 year ago

Has anyone suggested Echinacea? I can’t take it as I had a reaction a while back but before then it was brilliant. Or First Defence? Also at the very first sign, slightly sore throat, gargle with warm salty water and keep it up 3 times a day for a week. If you can, garlic is good. Tablets are available but I crush it fresh on buttered toast – and it works if you catch it early enough. That’s the clue: get it early! My partner has COPD so we avoid colds at all costs. Good Luck

1 year ago

Echinacea isn’t reallt recommended for us MSers :-

1 year ago

This is really a problem with all MS medicines, they send the immune system to the bottom. I’m on tecfidera too and before on rebif. My neurologist suggest me to do the flu shot every year around October and i can say I avoid to got sick from flu or cold the last 3 years. Just try the all these small tips to avoid as is possible virus etc, wash very often your hands, use desinfect liquid, a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy and talk to your neurologist or your GP for some vitamins maybe.

1 year ago

I read an article that people with immune system problems should get there flu shots towards the end of October. If you get it too early the shot could wear off before the flu is in full force. Potter

1 year ago

Why do you want to bost your immune system? I though it is best to keepit low in ms to avoid relapses. Am i missing something?

1 year ago

The poster is getting sick a lot and is getting tired of it. They do not want flare-ups, but they also do not want colds or flu viruses.

1 year ago

Hi, I take 3,000mgs of vitamin C and I dont get colds very often.

1 year ago

DO not use Echinacea! Not good for people with MS

1 year ago

I have two young grandchildren and they graciously share all their colds and bugs with me. I think vitamin C helps a bit but can not prove it. Colds devastate me. My legs stop functioning…. they just give way if I try to stand up. Fortunately it passes after a few days but each event leaves me a little weaker.

1 year ago

Hi @niccis, realise it is tricky when you are working in a school, but some of the protective steps I take might work for you
1. Mini antibac in my handbag at all times and a big bottle on my desk -apply liberally throughout the day.
2. Antibac wipes stashed in my desk drawer, for wiping down the desk, computer, phone and anything nearby which I think some else has spluttered over.
3. Always wear a scarf which doubles up as a barrier between me and the germs – can be nonchantly swung over my shoulder (and over mouth and nose) if someone nearby looks ill or like they might start spluttering and I use it as a barrier between my hand and door handles, stair rails etc
4. Keep personal mug on my desk and wash it up thoroughly myself every day, I never use any crockery or cutlery from the kitchen without washing it up again first.
5. Flu jab.
Good luck!

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