katiecog 02/01/18
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Can a relapse last a couple of days?

Hello everyone, does anybody know if a relapse can last a couple of days or does it need to be around 6 weeks to be classed as relapse? I find my limbs very heavy and feel strange today, I haven’t been able to stand without feeling wobbly and almost faint (without being light headed) Now it could be exhaustion or the flu coming on….? I’m just curious if I wake up tomorrow and feel fine, was that a relapse or non MS related?
Thanks! Happy new year!

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5 months ago

@katiecog , there’s a good definition of a relapse here :-


Just be aware that you can suffer a “pseudo-exacerbation”, if your body is dealing with an infection, e.g. a UTI, flu, etc.. This would be a temporary worsening of symptoms, until the underlying infection is resolved.

That’s the main reason that a flu jab is recommended for those with MS.

5 months ago

one day i worked from 9 am to 9 pm when i returned home right before i reach there i noticed that im walking on my thigh legs fliped or bended in a very scary way while limping people in street helped me to reach a seat i did sit 5 minutes then stood right relapses last couple of days 1 week or couple of weeks with me only.

hope you’re feeling better

be safe

5 months ago

Thanks for the link @stumbler I’d say it’s brought on by stress or over tired after christmas, trying to relax now…

And @nutshell88 I hope that was the last 12 hour shift you did. Your story is nice though because it showed how kind people were to help a stranger in difficulty. I’d say I’d end up in hospital if I worked 12 hours straight, haha.

5 months ago

Frankly it wasnt just work I worked 6 hrs in an office at citizens advice couple of hrs college to learn english couple of hrs waiting on a transaction at western general near my home and after it happened hehe. I was at edinburgh but im from saudi it was nearly 12 yrs afger diagnosis.

5 months ago

Hello, think it’s pretty normal for a relapse to last a good couple of days. Mine usually can go on for about 3 to 7 days. But my first ever relapse lasted for around 4ish weeks.. For me it’s always depended on the type of one I’m having.
Hope you feel better soon!

5 months ago

@katiecog , being tired can make your MS “nag” you, so that you can take heed of the warning and relax/rest up a bit.

Stress is a different beast. But, I appreciate that the festive season puts a lot of stress on the fairer sex, who seem to make everything happen. It’s a good job it only comes once a year!

Try and work/live within your capabilities (if only life was that simple!).

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