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Call to any mirena uses ladies please

Hi folks.ok so anyone had a coil removed with having ms and did it cause a ” crash “of any symptoms…ms or otherwise? Been getting lots of uti s for long time and its said a coil can also cause them too .but also that it could make ms symptoms worse after removal? Deliberating big time here as dont want my heavy painful periods back ( i get none now ) but scared of any aftermath it could cause as its said coil can cause all sorts in some people.

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1 year ago

I had mine removed, and noticed a huge increase in my energy levels within a few weeks. Also a gain in muscle (and weight), feeling stronger and generally better.

I do have more continence issues around my period now (I had no periods with Mirena). This is apparently hormone-related and is common even without MS.

I didn’t get any change in MS symptoms when I had it removed, and I’m really glad that I did.

1 year ago

I had my Mirena removed after 2 years, if I’m honest I’m getting on better period wise without it, as I continued to have periods whilst I had it, and didn’t have any relapse issues having it removed 😊

1 year ago

Hey thanks guys.i of course have no idea what periods will be like after obv.gamble on that one.
Having heavy n painful i read can aggrivate symptoms…as i feel unwell a lot anyway but no saying itll affect me as i think obv.
Have to mull it over .

1 year ago

Island gal have you tried taking a 1000 mg Vit C right before you go to bed? I read about this in a interview with a urologist in a MS magazine, he said that the Vit C burns the bacteria in your bladder while you sleep. I started taking a 500mg Vit C every night, the 1000mg was to strong. When I was first diagnosed it seemed like I had UTI’s continually until I tried the Vit C. It has been 10 years since I started and the only time I start to get a UTI is when I have had sex. It only happens ever so often and I take a Vit C when I feel it coming on, I also keep some Cystex plus around. There are some new products out there I haven’t tried. Do you take a cranberry supplement daily? I had those heavy painful periods I wouldn’t want to go back to them. I tried everything for it nothing worked, I even tried a coil but something went wrong and I almost bled to death. I got lucky on menopause, I had no hot flashes or mood swings. I went to the doctor because my periods had stopped, I was only 50 so I thought I was to young for menopause, she did a hormone check and told me I was done. Potter

1 year ago

Hi it seems to me that the UTI issue needs to be your first thing to investigate rather than getting rid of an excellent method of contraception which seems to suit you very well. Who wants heavy painful periods whether or not they give you a flare.?

Have you considered with your MS nurse going to have an investigation whether you are fully emptying your bladder? This will give you ongoing issues with UTIs or it could be something else who knows but a medical professional.

All the best

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