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C section and relapse


I’m booked in for a c section next week- it will be my first child. Very excited and very anxious all at once.

I just wondered if anyone wanted to share their experience of havin. A c section with MS and how the recovery was? I understand we are all different in terms of symptoms etc but still interested to hear any advice etc

Thanks xxxx

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1 year ago

@sadiemay , I have no personal experience of a C-Section. I’m a bloke, why would I? 😉

Anyway, excitement and anxiety are to be expected. Just be wary that post-partum relapses are fairly frequent, as your hormones return to normal.

So, enjoy the experience on becoming a new Mum. Don’t worry yourself about anything and accept any family support being offered. Enjoy the attention that a new baby brings you.

Congratulations……. 🙂

1 year ago


Awwww your first one, 💃 or 🕺?
I’m not sure how csections affect MS as I wasn’t aware I had MS but as for recovering from sections I can answer that as I’ve had two.

The first one I recovered quite quickly, I was only 25 so usual 3 to 4 weeks and driving again at 6.

My second one, I was 30 and it took me about a year to fully recover. My daughter never slept and I was tired all the time, which didn’t help with recovery. It might of been that my MS was responsible and not the lack of sleep but I’ll never know. I did have my first relapse when my daughter was 1 and half, put it down to shingles though. All I can say is don’t over do it, rest when you can, hard I know with a newborn but take the offers of help where you can 😊.

Congrats on your baby anyways 😊!

1 year ago

Hi Sadiemay!
I just wrote a long rambling reply to your post and lost it. Bah. So here’s a short version in case I lose this one too!
I had a c section for my son as he was small for dates. I was pretty scared but actually it was a very happy and easy birth. After the birth it was fairly okay too except for the usual post birth stuff.
I did have a (fairly typical) relapse 3 months after the birth. That was upsetting but steroids helped, though I did have to stop breast feeding cos I didn’t want to risk it affecting my son.
That was 13 years ago and after a lot of post birth guilt from not having a ‘natural’ birth and stopping breast feeding (of course breast is best, but keeping baby fed even by a bottle is really good too!) I eventually realised my son is here and happy and it was all worth it. He’s so funny and having an MS mum has made him such a kind and compassionate boy.
My biggest tip to any new mum and an MS mum or c section one in particular is make sure you get LOTS of help with boring stuff (cooking,cleaning,etc) and remind people you will need this for a good period of time! You need a lot of recovery time with baby, which is lovely and of course as much sleep as you can manage 😴
Your body is doing an amazing thing! Congratulations and good luck 😉
Min x

1 year ago

Thanks all for this guys! Really nice to just hear other people’s experiences. Xxx

1 year ago

Sadie I can’t comment on a Caesarean section with MS as I wasn’t diagnosed until my 3 were 13,11 and 9 .
The section was easy all 3 times and what I would say is that it’s the getting out of bed in the morning that is the worst . Once your up mobilising it wears off .
Take it easy the first few weeks as although the skin heals quickly it’s the underlying stitches that take time .

MS wise you will need to think about relapses and it depends if you are on any DMDs or if your planning on breastfeeding . Sleep when you get the chance and enjoy resting with the added pleasure of having a cuddle .
Enjoy the experience and remember like MS all babies are different so do whatever works for you x

1 year ago

How exciting!

I have had 2 sections with MS (first child was breech and I didn’t fancy a VBAC with 2nd) The MS caused no complications. Epidural was fine both times. You have to have a catheter. After my second, I couldn’t wee after they took it out and I had to have a catheter for a few days before everything started working again. They said that that might have been something to do with MS but that it happened sometimes anyway.

Recovery was tough for 6 weeks in terms of lifting etc but no different from anyone else, I think. Totally agree with @vitamin and @chezy17 – take to your bed and be waited on as much as possible!

My top tip – buy black high waisted tummy support type knickers a size or two bigger than your normal size. They stop you feeling like your insides are going to fall out in the first few weeks!

Good luck @sadiemay !

1 year ago

PS I’m sure you already know this, but it’s important to give your baby vitamin d drops if you’re breast feeding. Good idea for everyone really.

1 year ago

Aww congratulation its every women dream no matter what they say 💗 I never gave birth or became pregnant but hopefully will do in the future when i find a well trusted prince 💑
When i was first daignosed my parents never told me i had ms but the neuro said most thibgs hes worried about is giving birth but he then said he had a patient who was daignosed and moved to another city but then met the neuro again after many years absolutely fine before treatments were established and she gave birth of 14 baby during those yrs 😱 lol
Enjoy your experience and never over worry 🧡

1 year ago

Congrats!! This is such an exciting time (& exhausting & memorable & the list goes on…)
I had a C and my MS didn’t start acting up until I stopped nursing to go back to work. Otherwise, it was a normal recovery.
My advice is keep track of anything unusual that happens and tell your Neuro. For example, I was having trouble reading in one eye and just thought it was sleep deprivation (nope- optic neuritis) My feet went numb and I thought I had hurt my back lugging baby, car seat, diaper bag (nope- new lesion.)
The sooner you let your dr. know about anything you are experiencing the sooner they can figure out if it’s your MS- and if it is, do something about it.
Best of luck!! The days of taking care of a baby are long, but the years go fast. 😊

11 months ago

How did ur c section go? I might need one due to low placenta so want to know xxx

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