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Buzzing sensations after exercising

My heels and feet buzz and experience a tapping sensation after I use my treadmill.I don’t have this happen when I swim,just when I do cardio.Anyone else have this happen?

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3 years ago

Some days even walking quickly will do this- I’ll be marching along and then stop at a crossing and feel like I have pins and needles. It never lasts long and doesn’t particularly bother me but it can be annoying! Never really worked out whether it’s the impact on the ground or the increase in temperature that causes it for me, it’s not very predictable- for a change!

3 years ago

There was another post about this, maybe on ms society one. Apparently it’s completely normal. The exercise causes an increase in body temp and makes everything buzzy. I guess swimming is gentler and less impact than walking

3 years ago

It’s Lhermitte’s sign. It’s hardly normal but body heat can be a trigger. I suspect swimming doesn’t trigger it because of the cool swimming water. By normal, I think the logger meant for MSers. I have had it from the very beginning. In fact, it was the symptom that got me worried and on a year long search for what was wrong. I think other than using it as a barometer for how much damage has occurred to your spine, it is nothing to worry about. If it starts to complain without any exercise or less than what used to trigger it, then you will know that you may be accumulating more damage and get checked out. I hope this helps!

3 years ago

I stopped using the gym for this exact reason. I’d get a sensation after a few minutes on the exercise bike or the cross trainer. Sometimes a buzzing, sometimes aching legs. I stick to swimming now where I can almost forget I have MS.

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