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Well I know that I fall / am clumsy more frequently, but does anyone else suffer from worse bruising than they would expect ??

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5 years ago

I don’t bruise but my body seems to feel more pain than it used to. For instance when my dog jumps up at me it really hurts far more than you might expect. Stuff like that really. These things are odd aren’t they. X

5 years ago

Not that odd really. Our brains are not receiving the correct messages from the nerve endings due to the damage to our central Nervous system (CNS).
Where these messages cross an area of demyelination, they lose their integrity, so the brain is not exactly sure how to react.
Hence, extra sensitivity and possibly harsher bruising.
Just my thoughts.

5 years ago

i definitely bruise more easily and some bruises seem to stay a long time which is quite odd

5 years ago

I find bruises in odd places. I seem to bump myself without knowing I’ve done it and they last for ages.

5 years ago

Hello Rosie and welcome
I really do bruise well, a nice green black colour, we bruise much easier as we get older too!
and they hurt more!

5 years ago

The bruising is just someething i put down to me taking steroids. Interesting to know this is not the case.

5 years ago

yep bruises on arms and legs… have put it down to the territory now 🙁 xx

5 years ago

I’m sure I bruise more easily than I used to. And of course, we all fall over, down or walk into tables etc more than usual. Cause & effect.

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