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Brain Fog & Clumsy

As I new to all this, I have done some homework but nothing like asking real life people who know first hand!
Does anyone else experience clumsiness and brain fog. Some days I feel like Im not as smart as I used to be, for want of a better expression. Its like my brain is on a go slow!

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10 months ago

Hi @redhead
Yes I get it a little too often, i just say I’m a space cadet!
you will surprise yourself with things you do remember sometimes, don’t be hard on yourself.
but others will be along soon I am sure that will give you more comfort / information than myself
chin up

10 months ago

Clumsiness and Brain Fog are both quite common ms symptoms. The clumsiness is your brain not connecting with your fingers. I have had to change all my china (Mum worked for Wedgwood for 45 years and I’ve got a house full) for plastic avoiding melamine cos it’s not microwave proof! The brain fog is something that comes and goes, I have days when I can’t do paperwork and as I sound drunk most of the time, I’ve been mistaken for being so on a number of occasions . You learn to live with it, but as I have had the beast for 25 years and now have spms after 23 years of rrms you shouldn’t have anything to worry about but of course we are all so different that what goes for one doesn’t always go for another. Work out if anything is triggering your clumsiness or brain fog, tiredness, food, booze, stress, there are so many variables that I can’t say it will get bette, but once you learn what your body likes/dislikes and acting on it will help. All this takes time and we always say ms is a journey and you are only at the beginning. Don’t worry because stress is a killer with ms so you aren’t doing yourself any favours thinking about it all the time. Chill out, have a cuppa, tomorrow is another day😍

10 months ago


I have PPMS which is a different variation of MS than yours. Plus I had semi-successful spinal cord surgery 2.5 years ago.

Brain fog & clumsy are now part of who I am; plus a few other challenges. Not sure what to blame – does not matter. The key is to accept the new you; find ways to work around challenges when they appear.

Overall, life is good…

10 months ago

10 months ago

@redhead I’m relatively new to this too and I’ve found support through and the MS society has made a huge difference.

It helps me to understand what’s happening and what causes issues.

I get brain fog and have discovered that trying to multi task accelerates it for me, so I break everything down into smaller chunks and focus on 1 thing at a time, in priority order. Also, being tired 😴 makes it worse, so I now have a chill out time when I get home from work with no noise or TV or anything stimulating to allow my brain to recharge. Sometimes I just need a 20 minute nap and I’m good to get going again.

Side effects of some of the meds cause drowsiness, so I only take them if I’m having a flare, all supervised by my fantastic GP.

I’ve also started learning mindfulness techniques at his suggestion and that’s helping, too.

I’ve accepted that I have MS, but we’re each so much more than just a condition! Make sure you enjoy doing what you can, laugh every day and cry when you have to, but always find something to smile about afterwards!

Message me anytime you want to talk about anything!

10 months ago

Thank u x

10 months ago

I have been getting brain fog and memory loss quite a bit recently. You aren’t alone and unfortunately this is perhaps a MS symptom. Although sometimes I do wonder if the more I read the more symptoms I get!! X

10 months ago

Hi brain fog is something I’m having to get use to ….. But it’s the constant trying to make excuses and cover up that’s the worst ,, the memory is gone to pot at the min it’s hard trying to keep a thought together long enough to follow it through …. I’ve had a bit of a clumsy day and fell flat on my face hurting my arm but jumping straight up for fear anyone might think there was something wrong with me as in my head I’m convincing myself that it’s just stuff happening in my world it’s nothing to do with ms ….. As I have only being diagnosed two months ago but actually had it over 20 years I always had an excuse for everything – a label puts a different slant on things and it seems in my head I’ve more to prove ….. That I’m normal and life goes on no egg shells around me please I’m as normal as the next person well at least in my head I am and I think if I keep with the positive thoughts it won’t take hold but I have almost come to the decision that I will start the dmd that I have resisted for so long maybe the brain needs a help to keep the foggy cloudy days at bay — well that’s what I’m thinking today …. Another two weeks to see neuro and prob change ideas at least a dozen times before that …πŸ˜³πŸ˜„

10 months ago

Brain fog, or as I call it “stupid moments” happen to me- it is important not to blame everything on MS- we’ve all gone into a room and thought “Why did I come in here?”

Sometimes I forget words, or use the wrong words- even forget what things are called- I put a bag of grated cheese in the freezer the other day (still no idea when or why.) Again, I’m sure everyone has gone to put the tea bags in the fridge instead of the milk.

Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself- I carry a little note book around with me to write down anything I need to remember

10 months ago

Hi im Donna and new to this. Please ignore any spelling mistakes i make. I’m 47 had ME since I was 31. Had a couple of bed bound years but got through back in work caring for my 2girls. Hard but managed. Now my kids have kids. Since January my bladders gone wild i started having vibrations in my legs and feet with really bad cramps . Fatigue was extreme and brain fkkog went to see the doctor said i needed to see a neurologists as sone as. When I move my neck i get electric shocks though my body and like I’ve been bite. I don’t sleep much can’t work. Can’t drive don’t feel safe. My shopping goes out of date can’t do math ,maps or follow a film.
Can anyone point me to something else i could have?

But I had moved so she said I needed to register in my new towm. Did so . New doctor did a eng the told me it may be ME paying up.He give me more loads of tablets.I was itching for 3 week constant i was covered in deep marks, I’m under a eye specialis for my lefty eye as 2 black holes in my puple and hurts and sesnsity to light and i have uncontrollable eye movment vertigo and brain fog. I sound drunk most of the time. The next 6 week i started to feel better.Then I work up with the worst head fatigue. I stood up and could not control my legs or arms i where jiddery.
my right leg was numb and now I l imp. Could i have ms.. My doctor’s seems to think I do. Waiting for tests. Also the back of my head went numb aswel as right leg and arm for 24 hours. I drink 2 cans of lager a night and for a while I get to wake from the fog. Dose anyone else king a bit of drink helps?
Regards donna


for 3 week doctor made me show him and was shocked at Mark’s on my boby from scratching

I don’t eat much of talk much as I get out of breath. Can only concentrate one 1thing at a time. I cry all the time ach all the time. I also have a burning Rob feeling at the top of my splne

10 months ago

Yes, I am extremely clumsy, constantly walking into tables, banging off the walls and tripping.
Brain fog is normally worse when I’m tired. Reat is essential for my well being

10 months ago

Sorry to hear your feeling brain fog!

There are some things you can do to try and alleviate, e.g. getting more sleep, eating better or getting more exercise.

I usually get BrainZyme for when I have brain fog though. It’s a supplement that’s basically concentrated nutrition for the brain. Great for brain fog or for when you’re feeling tired!

10 months ago

Hi @jack13 and welcome.

It could be MS, or it could be one of a number of things. It’s the Neurologists job to make sense of all this. Have you been referred to a Neurologist?

10 months ago

Hi stumbler yes I have a appointment 4 sept. I see the eye doctor the end of this month. Read my post again i see i also right with brain fog lol.

10 months ago


I know brain fog is a symptom and when I’m really tired, my brain just won’t work.
I do forget things, if it isn’t on my calendar than you’ve no hope I’ve remembered lol!
I don’t think it’s purely down to MS, I think the mental load of remembering and doing everything by yourself with two munchkins, adds to me forgetting things.
Write things on a calender, make notes to help you and rest is what works for me most of the time. 😊

10 months ago

Oh, I experience brain fog very often! Unless it’s written down or stored somewhere, it doesn’t exist for me!

I now carry a dictaphone to remind myself of all those passing thoughts which I would otherwise be able to bring to mind later on.

As for clumsiness, I’m not sure. I’ve never been the most dexterous person. Perhaps that’s something else that can lay at MS’s door…

10 months ago

Yes more in the last 5 years. I feel soo dumb sometimes when I use to be so good. It scares me now I have to look for work.

I find green tea and brain food helps. And vitamins.

10 months ago

Brain fog ….. Read this post as if I had not read it before only to find I had already made a comment πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜€ so I think it’s clear to say that yes I get brain fog- I often watch movies that my husband says “but we’ve seen this ” – nope I don’t remember a bit maybe till coming very near the end I kinda remover something and then it’s a case of yeah maybe ur right πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ but I think it’s getting worse for me I had real problems today chatting to my sister in law id say she thought I was for the birds it was actually getting embarrassing I couldn’t remember the name of a good friend who’s wedding we are going to I a few weeks , and loads of other stuff …. I’m booked into see a kinesiologist on Thursday who I last saw maybe 10 years ago so hopefully she will sort the old memory out again …… It’s all minerals & vitamins based and I trust her so fingers crossed the fog will lift for me anway πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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