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Does anyone else suffer like I do? When I was diagnosed with MS, in January 2016, my bowels have caused me problems, I’m either suffering from chronic constipate, or I could live on the toilet ? . I take laxatives every day and drink movacol daily, or twice daily. I eat a healthy diet and drink moderately. Please if anyone could comment I would be grateful. Carolyn.

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2 years ago

I’d have thought you need a referral to an MS continence clinic, who would be used to dealing with this. I’m sure you aren’t the first to get these symptoms. xx

2 years ago

Nurse told me it’s a tec thing, quite common apparently. Just said drink lots of water and eat the greens… sounds like you’re doing that already. Coffee helps me when stuffed up xx

2 years ago

Try Restorolax in a drink every day. It is not chalky and you can’t taste it. It is safe for children and if you are pregnant. Hope you find something to help you out.

2 years ago

I became lactose intolerant after I was diagnosed, I drink almond milk and have lactose free milk to cook with. I love cottage cheese but it will send me to the toilet, I also had to give up flaxseed oil after I started taking Tecfidera. Flaxseed oil has a laxative effect and so can Tecfidera. I was also eating to much fiber, I love fruit and multigrain cereal and bread, turns out you can eat to much fiber. It took me several months of keeping track of what I ate and how it affected me. I am balanced now, no more vicious diarrhea and constipation cycle. I know on the ads they talk about Opiods causing problems, do you take any of those? Potter

2 years ago

Thanks for the comments, I am under a bowel and bladder specialist nurse who is brilliant and always on the end of the phone. It’s just every now and again my bowels decide they’re going to give me a kicking for being ‘normal ‘ for a few days ? Caister55

1 year ago

I have IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) which started pretty much at the same time as I was diagnosed with MS. Although many doctors say it is not related I have a hard time to believe so. I am constantly trying to find something I can eat without bloating! I start my day ok but I look like I’m 8 month pregnant every evening, the bloating is just awful & driving me nuts! It also doesn’t help the fatigue which gets worst.. Does Anyone have Boating & found a solution?

1 year ago

Hi, my advice would be beware of Movicol, or any extreme laxatives. My problem is reduced evacuation function (don’t know what the medial term is!) So laxatives don’t help. they just seem to create an increased feeling of bottled up. And churning in the middle of the night.
I have to be patient on the loo. I drink more water than i used to. Also big evening meals don’t help. Sorry I cant be more helpful – I too am looking for advice!

1 year ago

I had similar problems, bowel cramps etc& thought it was IBS but it’s settled down more or less. When I want to go – I want to go!!!! Try rocking on the loo: leaning forwards then backwards – it helps. And eat lunch! Snack in the evening…. good luck

1 year ago

I use suppositories every day and try to do so as regularly as possible. By using them first thing each morning it removes the uncertainty of not having ‘dumped’ , which frees the day. Without that I feel trapped. The trouble with suppositories is that you are never sure how long they are going to take to work, and once they take effect it can be vey rapid. Also, because of my limited mobility its hard for me to move fast. Having said that, using them regularly has been the right decision, combined with a sensible diet.

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