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Bowel problems. Really?

I am really just so glad I found this site because I just want to know if anybody else has bowel problems. It just seems like if I have to go I better go now cuz it’s hard to wait. Hands driving in the car. God forbid if you’re sick to your stomach. I didn’t know this was one of the many things we have to deal with.

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3 months ago



The Bowel issues I’ve experienced have tended to be problems with actually being able to Defecate or “Go” if you prefer.

I was advised to take Senna tablets as and when needed, they are supposed to help loosen the Bowels. They have helped a little but it’s still a struggle to go most of the time.

3 months ago

That is terrible. To me it’s unbelievable all the things MS effects. You and I are exactly opposites.out of all the things we can experience I really wish we could take this one off the list.

3 months ago

Hi @kirsten_oakland and welcome.

Here’s some information about this particular symptom :-

3 months ago

Bowel and bladder problems are part of ms. Original symptom befor Dx was IBS. Control it with daily Metamucil (original texture) and Phillips colon health. Bladder is always half full. No water intake for trips or stay near bathroom.

3 months ago


Bladder problems can sort of be solved by not drinking water; the problem with that is dehydration / cramps in my legs, etc… I am at the point that I just face away from others until my pants dry…

Bowel problems – thank goodness I have a very supportive wife. Although I have given up eating spicy food which I always enjoyed, sometimes my stomach says “Time to empty”… More than once I have walked directly from outside into the shower, stripped down & washed my clothes while also showering myself.

This is one of the joys of MS I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Actually now that I think about it; yes I would… 😉

3 months ago

Its urgency what a pain. I’ve never been caught out outdoors i believe our bodies arent that cruel. If you feel the need i tend to remain seated and the urge passes. Then you have time to make it. My fear is one day i wont be able to clean up myself.

3 months ago

“Gotta go… NOW quicker than that, seriously it’s started… it’s coming out. Oh, I hope it’s dry and that my pad will help.” is something that bothers me and have stopped going out to eat as my bowels often need to empty around that time. Usually straight after finishing or (and I really hate this) at anytime during the meal — which always causes the funny walk!! I try to always be home when eating.
Apart from the not eating out and always making sure I can get to the loo there is very little I can think of to help you. So sorry.
It’s just one more ‘fun’ thing is MSers are forced to live with.
Wish I could help you. I wish I could help us all.

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