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Bouncers – “your drunk, stay outside till you sober up”

Hey guys. So I went clubbing last night. Did not touch alchohol at all! Went outside for some fresh air, then back in! Except I didnt manage to get back in! My tremors have been more frequent of late and my head was shaking like a leaf. They thought I was drunk! How can I get round this? *Rant Over*

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6 years ago

Matt that is apalling!!! You should write to the management and get some fee tickets, maybe we should carry some Id disabled proof that will shut them up, also some fact sheets to hand out ha h ha!!!

6 years ago

Almost happens to me sometimes as well … they are like ‘how many drinks have you had?’ … and I reply, as many as my four mates you’ve just let in!

Gets on my rocker sometimes as well, but just roll with it.

Hi Matt,

It’s happened to me before and they refused to let me into the club as they thought i was drunk…..i’d only had 2 pints!! Anyway i have a card i got from the MS Society, can’t remember if it’s free or you have to pay a fiver or something. Basically it’s a small credit sized card saying that you may have balance issues, need the loo urgently that kind of thing. I flashed that and they let me in straight away. Get yourself one if you’re out alot.

6 years ago

Hey Guys, Thanks for the advice! Lou-lou you cracked me up! Dj Black and Mark, you both made me laugh too, you made me feel like im not alone here! Mark I ordered that card you were talking about. Lets hope it works!

6 years ago

Hey.. Unfortunately ppl are quick to judge!! Theyneed educating! Where on the website do u order this ms card? Would be a great help! 🙂 x

6 years ago

It’s called an MS Assistance Card –
hope the link works 🙂

6 years ago

My card came in the post on thursday after speaking to someone from the MS society on tuesday. Was really quick. Very informative for people who have no idea what exactly MS is. It comes in a credit card shape with a credit card feel to it. Very handy! Fits snug in your wallet/purse too. 🙂 Enjoy!

6 years ago

it happened to me recently….was refused entry to a pub- haven’t had a touch to drink for 14 years!! told them i had ms and they looked so ashamed and embarrassed.

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