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Blurry vision

I’m sorry I still haven’t figured out how to respond directly to a post of someone. Damn technology. Not an ms thing just an omg I may be officially old thing😯 I digress, I’m responding to the Blurry vision post. Oddly I was diagnosed when I was around the age of 21-22 also so I feel for you. What I can tell you is that I in the beginning also had double vision and then it dissipated on its own. Also I have had optic neuritis in my left eye. And a flare up a few years ago with hazy vision. My advice to you is get on treatment!! A round of prednisone may lessen the flare therefore lessening any permanent issue!! Your young!! It’s important to keep flare ups from happening as that is what can cause damage to the nerve. Therefore causing disability. I had been on med after med due to side affects that I didn’t manage well or enjoy. So for twenty years I’ve been off meds a lot but now understand the importance of being on a med to control and lessen flare ups. EAT HEALTHY!! I do believe in that too mostly!! Omega 3’s!! And leave the stress for the next guy!! Stay positive!! Sending good vibes to you my friend!!

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Hi both @rickf @jennyo You might find this site tour video helpful:

@jennyo to reply to a thread, just scroll down and write in the ‘Post Comment’ box and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

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Thank you!! ☺️So silly right? You know it’s sad when you have to ask your teen how to switch screens on Snapchat. Yeah I said it snapchat😂I feel like I’m getting less tech savvy as time goes on. I will check it out thanks for the info!!

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The replying to a person question – it’s not an age thing, it’s a ‘function of the site thing’

There is no way on this site to make a direct reply to an individual post … you can @ name a person to indicate your response is to them, but you can’t quote an individual post.

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Yes thank you!! I’m slowly starting to get it!! I just hope my comments and thoughts are seen by whom I’m responding to☺️

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