dan37 23/03/18
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Blurry vision

Hello all! I am stuck in what to do, for the past few days now ive been having blurry and double vision. Im ok close up but anything else my eyes just cant focus.. im just wondering whether this is a new sympton im experiencing or shall i go and get my eyes tested. Im in need for abit of advice😔

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1 month ago

@dan37 , this could well be a new symptom.

Visual disturbances can have a major impact on your quality of life, so contact your MS Nurse and discuss it with them. If you have to leave a message, do say that it is affecting your vision.

1 month ago

I think it is tbh, just hope it clears soon! I have my first MS consultation on Wednesday so just have to see how it goes!

1 month ago

@dan37 , well, you need to rest up a bit over the next couple of days, if you can.

Can you recall any events leading up to this new symptom, e.g. getting over-tired, encountering a stressful event, etc.?

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