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9 months ago

i was diagnosed with ppms in 2012… im a mom and new wife of three yrs. i also own 3 businesses. i nevrr quit. i understand the fate and realization of being dx with ms. the feelings of heartache anger sadness the desire to quit life. but i embraced my dx i had an answer finally i wasnt crazy.. yes! i wwas validated from being dramatic or lazy. i was angry at first, then sad… then i met husband who told me i was me beautifully broken but i was worth it. i was worth loving. i worth living. ive had great days and bad days but i keep going for family for work… and for MYSELF. SO BE BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN HAVE BAD DAYS AND LOVE THE GREAT DAYS. BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT.

9 months ago

@curious-one , sounds encouraging, but early days yet. 😕

9 months ago

Its really good news, more noise in the remyelination space….. as Stumbler said early days, but I think remyelination as a therapy is really exciting, I am hopeful it has the the potential to help long-term sufferers of MS with long-term damage..and so maybe just maybe a wait for this therapy might not as bad as regular DMTs…

One thing I find really frustrating and I can only imagine how people people with all forms of PPMS feel; why again are they excluding PPMS from the Phase 2 trial; I am referring to the VISIONARY-MS Phase 2 cited in the article, it only mentions RRMS.

I might be wrong, but would have thought the remyelination process is agnostic to the type of MS? but I might be wrong, not done extensive research on PPMS.

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