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Best jobs for someone with RRMS

Hi all, I’ve just reduced my hours to be even more part-time than I already was, but now realised that I just can’t cut it in my job at all any more – I’m generally really unhappy there anyway. I’d really like to stop working altogether but can’t afford to – especially as there’s no way I’ll get any kind of disability benefits.

I’ve been looking for part-time jobs but there just aren’t any in my current role, in any case I don’t really have enough experience under my belt to get a new job doing the same thing.

So my question is, for those who have MS and have fulfilling roles at work – what do you do? What kind of industry do you work in? My work have been very understanding with me but I’ve been there since before I was diagnosed – I don’t think I’d get the job I have now if I was applying for it and said ‘I can only do this job 3 days a week and one of those days has to be at home’ – has anyone successfully applied for a job when they’ve had those kinds of restrictions on what they can do?

I’m starting to wonder if the only option is to think of a business I can run from home and be my own boss, can’t think of any business ideas though and I don’t think I’m motivated enough… 🙁

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1 year ago

@omega-female , I’ve been looking for a reasonable response to you, but I’m finding it difficult. I just don’t know how your MS affects you, so I can’t offer any alternative occupations for you.

But, I do understand how difficult it is to balance up the need for an income, against conserving your health.

Have a look at this scheme and see if they can offer anything to make your existing position more tenable :-

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