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Best Dairy Alternatives?

Hello, so I am very recently diagnosed… so recent that my free OMS diet book hasn’t even arrived in the post! I am lucky enough to be symptom-less right now, so the biggest thing for me is getting my head around a diet free from animal fats. So far I’ve found that oat hafer is my favourite of the milk alternatives, but just wondering what other people recommend, especially when it comes to butter/spread. Also, I read one report (that I am desperately clinging to) that said cheese might not be as bad as other dairy… any thoughts on this?

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1 year ago

Rice Dream, very clean taste, unlike Goat milk which tastes of Goat!

1 year ago

Hi @anya
I also follow the OMS programme. I take alpro rice milk in my tea and Oatly organic oat milk in my porridge or cereal. You cannot use any spreads or butter on the OMS programme. Also, cheese is totally out! It’s a lot to get your head around but you will get used to it after a few months. The book will explain everything in more detail. Don’t get too overwhelmed with everything, just take it one step at a time. Feel free to pm me any questions you might have. Good luck!

1 year ago

I’m not as familiar with the OMS programme, though I do follow a vegetarian and gluten free diet for my ms. In terms of dairy alternatives, I’m not sure if these items are allowed, but I love cashews turned into cashew cream (for white sauces or creamy soups), cashew milk and cheese. Also, I use coconut milk for creamer and almond milk for baking/breakfast. Maybe if nuts aren’t allowed, this isn’t helpful?

1 year ago

Where can I get this book from?
I always have alternatives to dairy and meat as I don’t agree with animal cruelty and factory farming. And then I found out it helps me with my ms too 🙂
I usually use almond or soy milk but too much soy was bad for my bladder. You can make a lot out of cashews and replace pretty much any kind of dairy you cook with almond, rice and oatmilk. It took me a while to get used to almond milk but now I just looove it.
I am really interested in reading the book about it.
Does anyone know about gluten and ms?? I heard it plays a big role for some of us

1 year ago

Janabanna I used to follow the swank diet which is similar to the OMS diet. What I learnt is gluten blocks the vitamins from vegs etc circulating through the body. When u think about it when making bread for example it sticks together and gooey, u gotta think how your digestion can digest it.

I’m sure there are many other reasons just can’t think of them now.

1 year ago

1 year ago


That makes sense! I wanted to do like a self experiment what happens when I cut out the gluten from my diet and see how I feel and if my tummy issues disappear.
How dod you go with the swank diet? Any noticeable changes? X

Thank you I will def check that out 🙂
Hope you are well!

@anya my wife has been on oms for about one and half years. It was hard at first but only got better. It’s not easy still but we both enjoy what we eat on most days. There are spreads that are based on almonds that have soft cheese feeling. We don’t use most cheese alternatives because coconut isn’t allowed on the diet and most have that in it.

We drop most sugar in addition as well.

Good luck with it and it’s a great way to start.

1 year ago

I found the swank diet did do changes I felt the best when I followed it strictly which I did for a few years. Only reason I don’t follow strictly now is because I got slack and from that I did get worse. I eat half now but gets to expensive with gluten free etc.

1 year ago

Oh gosh, I haven’t even heard of the swank diet! The doctor I saw in London seemed to suggest that OMS was THE diet for people with MS. Going to go and do a google now…

1 year ago

For me its been almound/soya milk (now in costa etc and great) and dairy free butter (flora or vitalite) cheese wise I started off cows milk products (sheeps cheese was good) now I am more full diary free cheese and its ok, Pizzahut etc now do vegan pizzas and like anything you get used to it

Good luck


1 year ago

I am not on any specific diet, I just try to eat healthy. I use nut milk on my cereal and fruit in the morning. I was always hunger a couple of hours later when I uses almond milk. I found out it has very little protein. I think the nut milk I use is mostly made of cashews. Potter

1 year ago

Hi Anya

I won’t bore you withe details but my diet is complicated in that its Keto/Low + virtually no dairy, or more specifically no milk or by products….. and odd combo….

Anyhow protein is big thing for me and marination of meat is a common theme… strongly recommend Co Yo Natural Coconut Milk Yoghurt Alternative and Co Yo products in general as alternatives to yogurt….

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