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Best balance exercises?

Hi ,

What exercises do you use for balance and coordination ?

I know some exercises for the vestibular system but what about ones for the brain and central nervous system ? Hope all will help dizziness .
What exercises work for you? What are the names so I can begin doing them to train my brain to create new neural pathways ?

Thank you


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1 year ago

Does anybody know any ideas for this or is it just a mixture of exercises to do ?



1 year ago

@rachaellouise , check out this website:-

MS Gym also have a Facebook Group, which has a selection of videos for all aspects of MS rehabilitation.

1 year ago

i go to a physio once a month to help with strength coordination balance etc………..He specialises in MS physio. He has me doing a quality of movement exercise to re-train the brain into walking normal again (kinda based on neuro-plasticity) I cannot explain in words how to do it but i am sure youtube or google will help in this regard. i also do physio for all muscles in the legs as his strength testing has proven that my legs are very unbalanced which would result in some muscles been weaker that others which can cause walking difficulties and coordination issues. this is a problem with MS as we dont use muscles as much due to weakness or fatigue etc… it may not all be down to neurological problems as i have found out. MS is the cause of my walking balance issues but its surprising how much better one can get by just doing physio and re-training the part of the brain that deals with walking. look this up there is alot of science and research behind it and it dose work. take it from a guy who had very bad balance and walking issues.
also i find using a vibration plate good for balance and strength. you should look up the research on vibration plates for people with balance and coordination/strength issues….its very interesting.
now hears the key to improving your balance and coordination issues…..hard work in the gym.

stay strong my friend……….hope this helps you on your journey

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