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Benefits from the Government

Hi All,

I am new on here and I used to work for the DWP. So if you have any questions please ask and I will advise you to the best of my knowledge.

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What did you do at DWP?

What is your connection to MS?

What if one has lived all one’s life in England to then move abroad. Does the early retirement follow?

Hi Jman,

I worked at The Pension Service and Job Centre Plus in various roles for approx. 8 years.

Hi Cameron,

My husband was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in March 2012 after suffering a severe relapse in January 2012 which left him in hospital for 1 week. It has also caused rather severe problems with his bowels and he cannot walk without walking sticks (150m) and if further needs his wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Hi emmak,

What benefit are you looking at?

ive just had my work capability assessment and have been put in the support group even though i can do most things on the form like walking /talking/ walking up 2 steps/ etc etc. any idea how i managed this and how long before i am reassesed? is it a maximum of 2 years? i emphasized on the form its the severe fatigue which make it difficut to work and why im always giving work up after a month or 2. i didnt get a face to face assessment and just filled in a long and pretty depressing form.

@paul2011, the following website provides all manner of advice on benefits :- http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/
Some information is free, but indepth stuff requires a registration at a negligible cost. Most users feel it is a worthwhile expense.

Totally agree with the last post. On the site, you can post a direct question and also – like on shift – see numerous examples of what other people have experienced.They also have an archive of govt statements re: changes to the welfare system, so you can be one step ahead of all the timings etc. In my view, it’s better to be forewarned!

thanks for that….i’ll have a read but i’m sure i read somewhere it’s a mamximum 2 years on the support group before you get another assessment because there may be a cure for MS by then of course.

@paul2011 dunno where you read that because A) there is no cure for MS, no magic pill and b) any govt dept should be advised by medical experts who KNOW this!
When I say “no cure”, there are drugs to treat various SYMPTOMS, but yr actual MS is incurable, progressive and here to stay.
I know various folk on here wd disagree, but thats my 2p’s worth!

it was a tongue in cheek comment red…

As well as the Benefits and Work website I generally direct people in the direction of THIS publication as its invaluable for professionals and claimants.


http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/ is another invaluable resource..

When you read the actual reference document professionals use for claims its not surprising people struggle with claims!

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