What happened to this film? Quite a few people told me to check it out but I think i must have left it to long, can i still find it elsewhere on the sight?
Lizzy x

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@Lizzy86 , these videos should be able to be accessed through this website, but perhaps the link has got lost.
But, has a channel on YouTube, where all these videos can be accessed.
Hope this helps. 🙂


Here’s a link for you Lizzy :

Cass x


thanks Cass, I finally got round to watching it, but I didn’t get it!
Either I didn’t like it or I just didn’t understand it?
Maybe a bit close to the bone?
Lizzy x


I don’t get belong either @Lizzy86! I think I see how some people would relate to it but I agree with you.


Dave is the new guy to a self help/social peer group MSers..

I guess you could say he’s in denial about his MS and doesn’t feel that such a group is for him, and that having MS will completely ruin his lifestyle.. He doesn’t feel he ‘fits in’ Crudely put.

I’d say that’s pretty common with many chronic conditions. People generally go 2 ways, either learn about their condition, and participate in peer/support groups, and self educate or try and carry on as ‘normal, and avoid groups like this, or the social portrayed in the film…

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