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Barclays Bank Aggravation

To day my bank decided to take my overdraft off both, my account and the joint account without telling me.

I am left with nothing to feed 3 children and pay my bills. Even if I make it until the end of this month on my partners money I will only have £200 from my wages left after my overdraft is paid and we are expecting the 4th Child at the end of November. If she’s not lucky this could stress her out.

What’s worse is I’m under stress with this and my work as they have no staff. 1 employee handed her notice in today which means I will be covering more areas on the days I work now. Even better is the Manager of my department handed her notice in 4 weeks ago and has now left and there is no replacement for her. So we have no manager and no staff.

I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to help me cope because I’ve been having depressive thoughts. I’m on anti-depressants already as it is. I just want to scream and punch everything, I have so much so much pent up anger.

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4 years ago

Those wanker bankers hey… They should never have done this without informing you first (?) … Maybe get in touch with your local Citizens Advice office and find out your rights… You should never be left in financial hardship…

As for the stress be careful as this could lead to worse MS symptoms, try some meditation – just that 10 mins of time out when you can will make a difference! … Can your doc sign you off for a while to ease the stress as they should realise that stress build up could make things so much worse… Though it sounds like your work is so under staffed as it is, that’s too much pressure & it’s not fair! … You and your health, both for you and your family, is more important!

Sorry I can’t help more & I hope this gets settled…


4 years ago

I’ve been on the phone to them this morning and they said it was policy to do it.

So my reaction has been to call the Financial Ombudsman 🙂 They can’t force them to reopen the accounts but they are involved now.

Barclays have said I can go down to my local bank and get the rest of my wages in cash but that’s not going to help me come the 21st because my direct debits are due out.

I now have to change all my direct debits to another account which I don’t have right now!

Being signed off would be worse for me when I go back because of my employers absent procedures. It’s ok for me as I’m on holiday for 7 days come Monday so I can get this sorted and I have my PIP assessment on Monday so hopefully this will help make me worse for then so I get my point across. I just hope they don’t reject my clame now.

4 years ago

I’m not surprised you are depressed and angry, but getting the Ombudsman involved sounds like a very smart move. Have you looked at the Benefits and Work website to find out the likely questions you’ll be asked at the PIP assessment? I’m keeping everything crossed for you, xx Kay

4 years ago

@cameron I’ve got help with mine from my Brother-inlaw who has had training on PIP when it first came out. Also he is allowed to talk for me as they see me at my worst and he knows all the points to make but it’s still up to them to make the decisions at the end of the day.

I have plent of problems that persist so I’m in with a good shot.

4 years ago

Barclays Bank has today sent me and my partner a letter informing us they are closing our joint account and we are required to pay what we owe or face daily charges on the account. If this isn’t bad enough she’s had to call the doctors to ask about going back on antidepressants as she is feeling low. She is 6 weeks away from our babies due date and this stress is not helping with the situation.

I’m in the process of filing another ombisman complaint and contacting the CAB because this is unfair and they are trying to queue jump big time here.

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