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9 months ago


My balance is terrible sometimes when I’m at work I’ll be walking and I’ll go diagonal,I can’t stand on one leg for very long,I trip on fine air,I feel getting up from the sofa and my knee will just give out sometimes.

9 months ago

I have very limited balance, sometimes I may be able to manage walking/limping to the toilet but on other days I have to use my walker as my balance is hardly there if at all.

My small amount of balance worsened further by seizures, whether it be in my lower back/hips or even the feeling of immense, crippling pressure running through my torso AKA MS HUG.

Headaches, nausea and dizziness also don’t help with balance.

9 months ago

Balance is terrible now but I have had the beast for 25 years (that I know of) do a very good impression of being ….ed as a newt at 7 in the morning! But not my problem I have been taken for drunk more times than you’ve had hot dinners. Have gone past worrying about it, have changed all my china for plastic, and I live in the Potteries so does anyone want to buy a Wedgwood dinner service? Keep smiling there is a way round most things😍

9 months ago

Balance is achieved by the brain receiving information from three sources :-

1. the balance mechanism in our ears: and
2. visual feedback from our eyes; and
3. sensory information from our lower limbs.

On that basis, it’s easy to see why we have balance issues…………. 😕

9 months ago

I had one relapse with awful balance problems, vertigo, nystagmus and nausea that was cause by the lesion affecting the nerve to my inner ear and face.

Since recovering I haven’t had any other issues specifically with balance. I was struggling a bit because of one-sided weakness. I found that physio and exersize that improved my core strength has really improved my balance.

9 months ago

I think most have a bit of the bedspin drunk dizziness some worse that others. I find it easy to become nauseous from bending over or standing and trying to walk away before the rest of me catches up. Slow down and have a wall, chair, etc. nearby in case you need it.

9 months ago

the balance issues has begun with me since 2010 I got verigo relapse it was herrindous. Maybe not because it was that dvary but becausr my brain was already stuffed by univerity books responsipility and me in that young age watching all my friend as flowers active never gets tired while vertigo backstapped me lol i was just pooring me a cup of milk. i still have
weakness in my balance altho vertigo got cured same month but i lost my confident to risk anything related with cournation and balance i fear i fall and break a bone or something.

but it was my second and last serious relapse.
but im still fine i have a job after i finished uni i studied abtoud in the uk im saudi.

thats all i could say about my balance.

9 months ago

Thanks for the feedback as yet still in limbo with diagnosis last 2 scans show no chages which is great but the neuro cant work out where the balance issue has come from and has only been there for the past 4 months. Gp is doing referral to get inner ear checked out

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