5 years ago

I have just been put on baclofen…It’s not helping at all…what is the typical dosage of this drug…i am wandering if I need a higher dose for it to help.

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How long have you been taking it?


Oh, and where is your spasticity?


Crap, and what’s your dosage? Sorry, I have this stupid thing called MS. Keep forgetting what I am saying.

i started this week and I think its getting worse…God knows it is not improving. It is right below my breast down to my knees…it gets real bad the more I am up on my feet but ha gotten o the point it is almost constant regardless if I am up on feet or sitting or laying down…

he has me on 10 mg twice a day right now


20mg is not a really high dosage. It is actually safe well beyond that, but since you haven’t been taking it that long, your doc is probably trying to work you into a higher dosage. Too much too fast will just make you too sleepy to do anything. Just do NOT stop taking it suddenly. Keep a symptom journal and contact him within a week to tell him whether or not it is helping you. He can then adjust the dose. Give it a little time. It’s frustrating, but Baclofen is an effective drug. If it doesn’t work, you actually have many treatment/prescription options. Don’t forget the journal. This may sound strange, but stretching before you retire for the evening or when the spasticity is severe will help with some of it. Based on what you said, an exercise ball would be invaluable for that type of stretching. You can message me if you like and I will give you some info about stretching using a ball. Hope it helps. We all hear ya, hon. Don’t despair yet.

Hi Paulie, I take 20mg of Baclofen and find it really helps, I could not be without it
It really does help me sleep and I think if you get a good nights sleep then it helps with everything else the challenges of MS throw at us throughout the day, I did try upping the dose, thinking it would help with spasticity but it made me feel dosey (not good for driving!) and my legs went even weaker so I stick with 20mg at night time, perhaps switch to night time maybe? let me know how you get on with it, I always suggest Baclofen to everyone!

@loulou my doctor has me taken it 10 mg in morning and 10 mg in evening and I cant tell where it is helping me at all….sigh. if I am still like this next week I am gonna call him back and see what we can do. Thanks 🙂

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