betty 04/12/17
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Back problems

Hi guys! I’ve just been diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis Spondelolesys, I have a low vertebra that has sipped forward, it is compressing the disc and the nerves in my lover back. It’s very painful for me and it’s been getting worse for years. I finally got a doctor to stop blaming my pain and tired legs on my MS and send me for x-rays. Coincidentally, they also found that I have Spina Bifida that is so mild, they say I wouldn’t have known it was there if it weren’t for the slipped vertebra and x-rays.
Just wondering if anyone else have experienced this and if it has anything to do with the MS? I’m going to let my neurologist know next week, but I found it so interesting how the symptoms are similar to the MS and was easily dismissed as that. I wish I had known sooner I would have started physiotherapy.

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7 months ago

@betty , there’s a lesson for us all there. We shouldn’t blame everything on our MS. We can be affected by other maladies too.

There could be a link between your two conditions. MS can cause specific weaknesses, which we automatically compensate for. This automatic compensation can introduce bad practice/posture, which can put unnatural pressure on muscles and joints creating musculo-skeletal problems.

A decent neuro-physio should be able to assess what issues you have and prescribe simple exercises to attempt to address them.

7 months ago

Hi @betty, not familiar with your particular condition, but, for spine health and addressing body alignment issues in general, I love, love, love my upper cervical chiropractor. As @stumbler says compensating for ms can take a toll on other body parts. Hope you find relief!

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