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B12 shots and fatigue


I have been relapse free for about two to three years – currently on no medication. However, I do suffer periods of fatigue and heavy/pressured head and very low mood (taking anti depressants for this). It can last for a few days or a few weeks. Currently been in bed for three days sleeping on and off and not wanting to leave the house – everything feels so tiring!

I have read here and there that B12 shots and Vitamin D may help for MS fatigue and will be available from my doctors. Has anybody here got experience of this? Hoping to see a doctor this week to ask for it.

Anything else that people take or do to help fatigue? Whenever I have mentioned this to my neuro he always says the only cure is sleep, which is great, but I have a lot of uni work piling up and house stuff to be doing!

Any ideas would be great on this

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11 months ago

Hey Amy.

Sorry to hear that you’re tired but I can sleep 12 hours and still feel tired or I can have 8 hours and feel great! I had a blood test done and it turned out my vit D levels were about 38, and I started taking a 4000 dose and have been doing for a year. I felt alot better but then found that my b12 or folate levels were low so started taking a high dose of that too! I stopped eating gluten and since then my levels are over a 100 with vit d and back to high levels for my b12. Took me a year to get there but I feel alot better now, I take full advantage of when the sun is out, not that it’s out much here but it will help 😊.
I also tend to push myself when I’m feeling tired, go out for a walk or do some exercise, I know it’s the last thing you want to do when you feel drained but it always makes me feel better 😊.

Take care 😊.

11 months ago

@amylee , you’ll probably have to have a blood test before they consider giving you D3 and B12 supplements.

Other than that you could ask your Doctor to prescribe Amantadine or Modafinil, to see if they help.

I hope your Uni knows about your MS and is allowing you some flexibility.

11 months ago

Hi @amylee, my neuro recommended high strength vitamin d and b complex. I just buy them over the Internet from reputable companies, they have made a big of an improvement and when your fatigued you’ll give anything ago to help you out of it.
@chezy17 I was a advised the best thing I could do for fatigue was to exercise, and I do try whenever I can, but you’re right it’s the last thing you want to do 😊

11 months ago

Yes i read that too i slmost took b12 tablets but my neuro did blood test and said you have enough in your body dont take it. But couple of years ago vitamin d was 6 god knows what now.

11 months ago

They recommend that it should actually closer to 100 when you have MS…I did feel better when I started to take it 😊.

@nutshell…6…why wouldn’t they give you vitamins with that level 😮?!

To be honest, I probably do far more than I should but I refuse to let it slow me down lol 😂.

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