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Avonex inj times make any difference?

Hi all,
I’m really struggling with the ‘flu’ type side effects of Avonex (have tried Rebif & reacted to that one too!).
a) Has anyone got any tips on how to reduce the effects on the day of the inj?
b) Any tips on how to reduce the effects the next day?
c) Does inj’ing earlier in the day reduce the effects the next day? Or is it better to inj about dinner time then go to bed?

Questions questions! Thank you.

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4 years ago

@wildthing , there may be some answers in this previous discussion:-

4 years ago

I’ve found injecting in the morning is best for me – less time to get anxious about it and more time in the day to get over the side effects. I take an ibuprofen mid morning and lots of water which usually staves off the side effects (my skin burns/hurts).
If I inject before bed, I get chills in the night which wake me up.

4 years ago

Was on it for 3 + years and i never found a good time

4 years ago

I was on it for 5 years. My time was afternoon (15:00-17:00). I had flu-likes for 20-30 hours afterwards (got worse by time, as my pancreas started having serious problems with interferon), but discovered ways how to keep the overall level not-too-high:
– taking the injection out of the fridge several hours (e.g.: 4) before
– having a proper meal before the injection
– Paracetamol 500mg, 1 hour before the injection
– carefully pumping the extra air from the syringe on my own
– rotating a total of 6 injection areas (thighs, back, arms)
– when injecting – emptying the syringe VERY SLOWLY, at least 60 seconds
– cold compress on the injection spot
– my iDAY was Thursday: Friday at work nobody cares too much, if You are a bit ‘lazy’. And by Saturday I was back to ‘normal’, so I could enjoy the weekend (opposite to getting the shot on Friday and so having a shitty Saturday then)

PS: If I was on Avonex now – I would definitely want to enroll in the trial for Anti-Lingo-1 by Biogen. Current trial is limited only to Avonex-users 🙁 This drug is aimed at actual reconstruction of myelin sheets and it typically has a very very positive effect. Browse for some information to make up Your mind 🙂

4 years ago

I struggled with the flu-like side effects for quite some time too. After trial and error I now inject late afternoon. But the best thing I found was getting a prescription for Naproxen from my doctor which is a long lasting slow release form of ibuprofen and that helped a lot. I take it with my lunch, drink plenty then inject my avonex a couple of hours later. Seems to work for me. Good luck.

4 years ago

Reading this, I’ve just realised that I have forgotten to do todays injection..I will wait til tomorrow.I feel very unsure of it.I keep thinking ive got my head around MS, then read something else and I am not so sure…
I have in about 14 weeks had 2 very overwhelmingly tired days on injection day, always take paracetamol and ibuprofen 4 hoursly on the day and usually do it in the morning to get it out the way.
Oh the joys eh…x

4 years ago

I just stopped taking Avonex after seven years. I’m taking a break before I start one of the oral therapies.

I always injected before bed and took painkillers. For all those years on Avonex, on the day after my injection I could set my watch for when I would feel flu-like symptoms – between 2pm and 3pm, every time! I would feel a bit hot, look at my watch and Bingo! That was my cue to take a couple of painkillers and the hot-rush would abate. I could have been a bit smarter and taken painkillers before 2pm, but I was always hopeful that this pesky adverse effect would stop bothering me and, if I took painkillers, how would I know had gone!

And tonight is the first Tuesday I won’t be injecting after 14 years of injectables! I can’t say I will miss them . . .

4 years ago

I have been using Rebif for the past 4 years and jag before bed and always make sure I take paracetamol or ibuprofen along with it and it helps a lot!
I realise different times to jag can suit other people but always take something to ease the side effects, it will make such a difference! xx

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