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Avonex dread

Had my 3rd dose of avonex Thursday night before I went to bed. What a night of sweats, feeling cold, shakes, sore bones and not being able to move. I’m still in my bed and still feel the same. The thing is I was fine for the first 2 apart from feeling wipped out and now I’m dreading it again.

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6 years ago

I have to take my 4th tonight…strangely, even though I was really freaked out after taking the first one, I feel very calm about taking it now. But yes, the after-effects do make me want to jump out a window…sorry, that doesn’t really help. Hope you come out of it alive and well, though!

6 years ago

I was on Avonex for 6 years. You must pre-medicate! I took 2 Aleve about an hour before the injection. At the time of the injection I would take 2 extra strength Tylenol’s and 1000mg of Vitamin C. I would also set my alarm for about 6 hours from bedtime and would wake up and take 600mg of ibuprofen. The most important part is drinking copious amounts of fluids the day of and the day after. Drinks with electrolytes are essential and will become your best friend. I would usually drink about a gallon of water during the day and 88oz of Powerade in the evening before my shot. The day after I would drink about 132oz of Powerade. It is very vital for hypervolumize and take anti-inflammatories. Trust me, you will be amazed! 🙂

6 years ago

I have been taking Avonex since the end of Jan this year. My first 2 injections were awful, cold sweats, aching bones, feeling drained…..things have been good since. I take 2 paracetemol a half hour before I inject and then 2 ibuprofen 4 hours later before I head to bed. As soon as i wake up in the morning i take another 2 ibuprofen and usually things are good!!! Just takes time for your body to get use to the injection but keep going and things will get better!!!!

6 years ago

I’ve been on avonex for about 16 months now and had been taking it in the evening, about 1.5-2 hrs before bed in the hope that I’d sleep through the worst side effects. I was still struggling quite a lot with headaches, sore neck and tiredness during the following day though so have switched to a morning injection for the last two weeks and so far it seems a little better. Might just be a coincidence that the effects are finally wearing off but it feels nice to know that ‘jab-day’ might not be horrible every time! Especially as I start a new job on Monday and don’t like the idea of being “Jane, the new girl who is crap on Thursdays”! (I am strongly resisting switching to a weekend jab- this thing is not taking my weekends!) Pain killers and staying hydrated are essential though! My boyf has recently introduced me to diclofanec tablets, do the same thing as ibuprofen but are gentler on your kidneys apparently- bonus! Stay well all xx

6 years ago

Thanks everyone for your comments, I’ve just had my 6th dose of avonex I’m doing really good. Side effects tiredness & headache. I realised I have got to take it during the day or morning try get on with things by takeing tablets trough out the day. I guess I just needed to figure out what suited me. Now I know not to take it before bed I never want to feel like that again

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