5 years ago
Avonex and pregnancy

Hi just wondered if anyone has been on avonex before. I have started it yet but will be soon. I know you can’t take it while you are pregnant but just wondered what does it do to your fertility if anyone knows as want to try for a baby the next year.I already have a two year.

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Hi Nicola, I work as a midwife.. but am not up on spec MS drugs in relation to pregnancy… what I would say, is that as a science, maternity is new, and it is compeletly unethical to test drugs on pregnant women babies.. so when it comes to advising about meds and pregnancy, there is not much research based evidence that is credible for those reasons.. I guess what they have figured (usually historical) is that some meds in relation to being pregnant (would be the same for MS drugs) makes you at a higer risk of miscarriage. Not sure how helpful that is.. I am sure the prescriber (your doc) should be more spec.. good luck!

Thank you yeh not thought of it like that. Thanks for your reply.

Hi I was on avonex for around 7 years – my ms nurse told me it wouldn’t affect my fertility just couldn’t be on treatment whilst pregnant and really should stop for 3 mths before conceiving and as above was also told its not ethical to test drugs on pregnant women so medical advice was to stop but they knew I may want children and I was never told my fertility would be affected x

Hello Nicole,
Your MS nurse should be able to give you all the facts. If not she should get the facts for you!! She should also be able to ask you Neuro doc and may be arrange for a chat.
Please let us all know how you get on. I,m sure all the other Shift MSrs will be there right behind you.
Love Janex

Thanks for your replies, yeh am going to speak to my nurse. So necks have you got children then if you don’t mind me asking?xx

Sorry that should say becks

Hi. I now have 2 children and have not taken any drugs. Was diagnosed aged 29, and as told neurologist I would like to have children he did not prescribe drugs. I’m now 37 and still resisting the drug route. As I’m sure you know pregnancy is fab at keeping MS symptoms at bay! Perhaps try for baby sooner, and then go on drugs afterwards?

Nicole I’m in a similar situation, diagnosed last year and I’m now on the Dacluzimab trial which uses a placebo of Avonex. The trial is blind so I don’t know which I’m on. I discussed that I would like to have kids in 3 years with my specialist and like Jane says it’s a pretty grey area – I intend to stay on my trial for 3 years then I’ll stop and try for a baby. I have relapse remitting and had 3 attacks in 3 months so decided I needed to prioritise treatment and adjust mentally to my health situation before I try for a baby but each person is different and you need to discuss it all with your partner and health care specialists. Thanks for starting the thread as it’s good to hear how other people think about this. I’ve not had an attack since the trial and best of luck whatever route you decide to follow. Touch wood, the drugs seem to be effective but again only time will tell..

Hi folks

Just joined the site ut yes as mentioned before if you are on amy dmd and you are thinking about having children you are supposed to stop until you have given birth. but once again as others have said , speck to your ms nurse, they can give you all of the details. Good luck KC

Hi to All,
I just want to inspire you all about having children,
My cousin Sue who had two lovely boys and had a neurological condition brought them up to be wonderfull young men.
When they were babies they had small gingle bells sown into all there clothes. I can here you all asking why? Sue was blind! She was my insperation in life.

im on copaxone and trying for a baby just now. ive been told not to stop the treatment just now as it could take many months ( hope not!) to get pregnant during which time the drugs wear off and my health could deteriorate. ive been told to stop as soon as I know i am pregnant but does concern me whether chances of getting pregnant are reducxed due t being on meds??

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