mschronic 16/01/18
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Aubagio and freezing my eggs

Hi happy new year to you all first of all.

I was wondering whether anyone could tell me whether my taking Aubagio affect the ovaries if I decided to freeze them? I take loads of other meds but I know that Aubagio has an effect on woman that are considering having children. My gynaecologist suggested that I freeze my eggs and use a surrogate when I feel that I’m ready to have kids. I didn’t think that I could consider that option since I have epilepsy, psoriasis and a mood and psychosis disorder. I take meds for all of these plus the Aubagio. Does anyone know whether it’s possible? I don’t want to raise my expectations when the truth is I can’t.

Thanks everyone!
Have a great New Year

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6 months ago

Wow, @mschronic , that’s one helluva question!

To be honest, if the medical professionals can’t answer these complicated questions, I’m not sure the forum members could help.

But, you never know……….

6 months ago

I never wanted to risk it becsuse Iā€™m hoping I have a child * or more * one day and i
I was also afraid even if I stopped if it would have long term effect maybe on the babies themself altho If I remember right my dr said take it and we can stop it when u plan to be pregnant. But im not sure a
Bout my memoriies recently šŸ˜… my mind is creative in creating fake events.

6 months ago

@mschronic I am on AUBAGIO too. Talk to your Neuro but I think you would have to stop taking Aubagio for a while or stop and take a wash out to give your eggs the best chance.

Let us know what you decide!

5 months ago

Thanks all. I’ll make sure to discuss this with my Neuro and psychiatrist.

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