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Aubagio and cold sores

Hi I’ve been on aubagio now for a couple of months or so and things have been really good so far but last week had a couple of cold sores which cleared up followed by about 4 I currently have two on my lips and two clusters of them on my face, it seems abit ridiculous to be fair as I’ve got loads of them! Has anyone else had this to this extreme and does this settle down eventually as it’s starting to get me down abit especially being on my face aswell…..any ideas on what I can do to prevent them ?

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1 year ago

@gemmat2014 , Aubagio, along with all of the Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs), are immuno-suppressive , which leaves us more susceptible to infection(s).

I’d get in contact with your GP, to see about some form of steroid cream to treat these annoying cold sores.

You could also get in touch with your MS nurse to discuss this and see whether a review of your DMT is warranted.

1 year ago

Hi @stubler you always reply to everyone’s posts you have alot of knowledge, thanks I have emailed the ms nurse to see what she can suggest. I have not long started the aubagio just a couple of months ago but no side effects that are to be bothered about other than a overload of cold sores. It would be such a shame to stop it as soon far the side effects compared to tecfidera, Copaxone and Plegridy are minimal.

1 year ago

Hi I have suffered with cold sores but I do not have MS. They normally appear when you are stressed or your immune system is low and as @stumbler said the Meds do not help. Take a garlic supplement everyday and also take a clove of garlic cut it in half and rub it gently on the cold sore. Garlic is anti everything and really helps. It can stop them in their tracks, if you catch them early and also relieves the burning blistering sensation. When you have applied the garlic put some Vaseline on them to keep them moist. Keep applying the Garlic every couple of hours or more if needed. It is the only thing that worked for me. I still get the odd one but they do not last long and I do not get as many as I did. Also if you can try taking multivitamin with minerals, zinc is meant to help with cold sores.

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