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I am genuinely afraid at the effect that an ATOS interview would have on my MS. I reckon it could bring on a relapse. I shudder to think of the thousands of Msers who will be passing through their hands.

@cameron , I can understand your concern, but we are all genuine cases. They’re looking to weed out the malingerers.
Let’s hope that they do this genuinely. Just don’t allow yourself to get stressed out by the process. We’re the innocent parties in all of this.
If you’re on an indefinite DLA award, you shouldn’t get bothered until 2015 for the move to PIP.

Saying that ‘genuine’ people have nothing to fear from ATOS is a bit like saying that you’ll come out none the worse after a wrongful arrest. I’ve seen the effects on a friend of mine (stroke patient) who has been in correspondence with the DWP over a DLA claim. He gave up in the end because the emotions involved in explaining/justifying/setting out the minutiae of his condition and then trying to defend his case when he was not believed worsened his everyday symptoms to the extent that he needed more medication. He has even stopped his subscription to the Benefits and Work website because reading the case histories starts him trembling. I know I’m a genuine case and I also know that I won’t fit the new criteria. So I shall not be putting myself through it. Even the thought of losing money is preferable to a relapse.

@cameron , to duck out of the process is your prerogative.
But, every MS’er that ducks out of the process just increases the pressure on the MS’ers that have to go through the process.
We can think the worst about the process, but we just need to stick together, share experience and tips, get the correct support and work through it together.
Although, the final decision is yours and must suit you.

(Just had a post ‘disappeared’ in mid-flow so will try again!). I would agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that I do not fit the new criteria. On the self-assessment PIP test that you can do on the B and W website (which, incidentally, is probably now too generous as they’ve heightened the bar by reducing walking distance to 25 metres), you need 17 points to qualify for higher level mobility. My neuro and my GP agree that I have substantial mobility issues, but on the PIP scale I score 0/17. So why would I want this confirmed in an interview? I’ll keep an eye on things and perhaps there’ll be a re-think once the appeals start clogging up the system, but in the meantime I have my contingency plans ready. As it stands, you’ll only qualify if you can’t walk further than across a room and/or you are sufficiently mentally confused as to be unable to plan and execute any journey.

What makes me angrier is that disability claims make the news while nobody mentions the fact that one of the biggest drains on the public purse is tax credits. We are forced to subsidise big business who won’t pay workers a living wage. But don’t get me started!

@cameron , you should never try to score your own lack of ability. It’s human nature to look at the positive side of things on an “it ain’t so bad” basis.
That’s why we should always enlist some professional assistance in completing the questionnaires, to ensure complete objectivity. You need to be “reading from the same hymn sheet” as your GP and Neuro.
It’s also wise to fight these battles when we are able, rather than wait for a situation, where we need the financial assistance, but we’re already down and not in a position to fight.
Just my thoughts…….

Thanks, Stumbler, I know what you mean and if it was merely a move to assess DLA via a face to face interview I would agree, but it’s something quite different now. It’s actually been subtly changing since I got my award and reportedly it’s far harder to get DLA, even with the most compelling medical evidence. I will wait and see. I am, however, going to see my MP about motability because I don’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed to self-fund the scheme once you’re in it. I wrote to them several years ago and they assured me they were going to look at all options once the move to PIP started. Fine words and it now transpires they have done precisely nothing, which is shameful. Now that IS a battle I’m prepared to fight!

@cameron, the bottom line is that we’re not going to suddenly feel more enabled, just because the Nobs have moved the goalposts.
Your Neuro and GP will confirm your status, so we shouldn’t allow some jumped-up medics, that have prostituted themselves out to ATOS and the Government, to tell us anything different.
Quite an emotive issue really, but I challenge them to prove that I’ve suddenly stabilised this condition and I’m going to stay the same and improve!
I’m up for a fight……..

Good for you. I’ll be interested to see how your face to face with Atos goes. Anyway, I shan’t allow myself to stress, because that way lies disaster. A lot can happen in the interim – a few more Panorama hidden reporters may ruffle feathers where it matters!

@cameron, you have the right attitude to sit and wait, without stressing.
As for me and any upcoming face-to-face interviews, I can always get some new sticks, when I’ve shoved them where the sun don’t shine!

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