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Artist with MS seeks memories

I am working on a project on memories and loss, related to MS and similar neurological conditions. I need memories, secrets and stories to include in my work. All need to be anonymous and all will be included in the works. Please send me your memories. I need a lot. About 3000 I have estimated but maybe more!

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Hope this current story helps you.

Once again, in case I’m too poorly or under the weather to be out choosing my own Happy Birthday card for my wonderful Husband/Carer … I try to do it in advance!

When out girly shopping with my Personal Assistant (thankfully she is funded by my Direct Payment budget allocated from my Regional Council of Matlock) I spend ages and get a “darling Husband” card and I also buy a “jokey/naughty” one too.
We come home and I hide them somewhere I can reach but two days before his Birthday, I start to look for them with no joy. My helper is unable to come assist me buy NEW ONEs. Her child is poorly. My friends are busy working and Sister did set aside time to help but ended up with a hangover. I don’t get angry at situation.
Nor do I stress myself and make my recall task worse. Instead I resolve to try the next day.
The Sincerity prayer always helps me
God (or whoever/whatever you might believe in, i.e. Own CONSCIENCES) grant me the Serenity to accept the things I can not change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And Wisdom to know the difference.

Boohoo … I don’t find them. Instead I improvise with generic blanks and resolve to get better at my coping strategy next year (as I did the same thing for my Best Friend 10 days later) both April Birthdays on same advance shop.

Thankfully I Hubbie and I have humour to help us through and this friend has a daughter with Learning Disabilities from birth and thereby is extra patient and tolerant of my developing little foibles.
A sprinkle of sweetness softens all personal frustrations. Whereas I feel stress screws up my skin and costs eventual ageing in looks which I know is unnecessary self destruction. It is best to smile instead of frown.
I could share lots of other coping mechanisms but I’ve got tired eyes now.

Good luck with your project. Please do circulate your finished artwork as inspiration for me to share.
Thank you.
Jackie MacFeggan of Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

3 years ago

can we have a bit more information about the project? You have not put any info about yourself on your profile, which makes sharing secrets with a complete stranger a bit unlikely!!

Did fill this in / tried to send / then it wanted my name in sender box ?!?
But I’m redoing it to see if same problem happens again.
Either way..
I’m not able to figure out how to add my profile details so had typed them for you, within a yellow box, ONLY THEN been unable to send.

Yikes. Sorry about this.

So now it is working and I’m too tired out.
I’ll update you later.

3 years ago

tabbycat makes a valid point. you are asking for rather personal info. Why would we share when your profile says NOTHING beyond your name.
Bit of back history of who YOU are would benice

3 years ago

Hi Bob Spriggs here,
Totally understand your comment and concerns. Posted my plea for help without thinking and having just discovered ShiftMS website. I have updated my profile with some personal info and a bit more about my project. I hope this addresses your worries.

3 years ago

Thanks Jackie
I’ll update you and send some pictures, or at least a link, when I can. I’ve updated my profile with some personal info and more about my project if your interested.

3 years ago

Hi Reddivine
I’ve updated my profile with some personal info and more about my project. I appreciate your concerns, posted plea for help in a hurry without thinking, and hope extra info helps allay concerns. Happy to answer more questions!

3 years ago

Hi Tabby Cat
I have updated my profile with personal info and some more details about my art project. I posted my plea for memories in a rush, having just discovered ShiftMS. I didn’t really think about the concerns people might have about disclosing very personal stories. I will only use memories anonymously and will not pass on personal info.
Very happy to answer questions and give more info if you want.

3 years ago

Hi bob, I am a teacher too and appreciate how hard it is carrying on with MS.
I teach literature to 16-18 year olds and I can’t remember the name of a single character in any novel or play that I teach.
It is fascinating how well you can explain characterization, narrative structure, theme and symbolism with thingy, thingybob and thingybob’s wife!
There is always a way around mind wipe and as most of my charges have spent the night gaming in the dark with cyber strangers, I reckon I am still one up on them in mental acuity!
Best wishes with your project.

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