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very interesting article. thanks for sharing….

Working in social care…. I appreciate the guy from scope’s comments that the criteria for social care services is so tight and so many people are missing out on so many basic services that thinking about sex is a low priority.

however…. this is also the problem when the BIG charities are the voice of disabled people.

they don’t truly represent…. and it’s typical of the big organisations.

I think that the only way forward is for campaigns to be led by disabled people rather than the big charities… but that’s nothing new. disabled people have been saying this for the past 40 years or so.

I agree about big charities.. Thankfully, maybe the charity behind the TLC trust is a small one:)

I do wonder if charities are afraid to breach the subject, or even link to sexual health charities/organisations that aren’t on the .Gov website:). Its easy enough for any organisation to have a mission statement ‘respecting all views etc etc’ and then if it comes to sex its gently not discussed or swept away.. I think we’re still a pretty prudish, country.Or pretend to be. Some of the remarks on the guardian website amused me tho:)

Yes… I read all the comments…. I shouldn’t have done… but i got sucked in…

I had to go and seek someone willing to listen while i ranted about it yesterday!

Hello, just to clarify, TLC is not a charity, just Me, founder and writer, Pru, service provider who checks the profiles and Ian the webmaster. I’d be dead eager to hear how useful the site. I am so busy running the Outsiders Trust and a thousand other things, I love this project because it runs itself. I only called it TLC-Trust to separate it from other Tender Loving Care sites (and make it look a bit authoritative so try to impress the Authorities!) Tuppy

Thanks Tuppy 🙂

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