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5 years ago

lovely work

5 years ago

Thank you.

5 years ago

I used to paint. I have pics hanging in a few corners of the globe, though I never made any real money from it.
I still practise photography and have some nice shots I’d love to get framed up to display.
I’d love to get back into art and design, but my mindset is a bit f’ed at present.

5 years ago

Love the website wish I could do something a fraction as good as you keep it up !

5 years ago

your fire fly necklaces are stunning!

5 years ago

Awesome website!
I fiddle around with art… art on white boards cartooning scenes (watch out disney! ) lol
but never made anything of it – though I wish I had.
Though whiteboard is definitely a medium for praticing impermenance.

5 years ago

awesome jewellry!

5 years ago

Hi @openminded, fabulous work- really beautiful sleek designs, I’m very much the art person too- so great to have creativity to hand – love it x

5 years ago

Your work is very good and you have a very clean cut refeshing style. I really like how it catches the eye yet touches on abstract within the themes.

Excellent stuff!

I do photoshop design work as a hobby, just for leisure really.

I started out about 5 years back doing game avatars for a popular browser game. Players would just want a picture that showed on there bio to reflect there fantasy based name/style so got interested in digital design back then:-

Moved on to doing forum signatures:-

I’ve started more recently doing larger work like wallpapers:-

Also got into photography post production work a little via an idea to jointly work with my cameraman brother Andy (lives in Australia), on a little project a coupla years ago and managed to build up a nice gallery.

He’d take the initial snaps and I’d process them for posting up, enhancement work mainly.

I don’t do art as much as I’d perhaps like to really, just find the time now and then and as a break from music as something to keep my mind occupied.

5 years ago

A big thank you to everybody and for your positive feedback.

5 years ago
I am an artist with an idea of exhibiting work about ms. This is my goal for 2013. My starting point is to celebrate the time before the fatigue kicks in! Have a look at my website. Keep going openminded. You are not alone.

5 years ago

I did study art and that is what I want to do, but here it comes MS. Sometimes I wish I have gone for computers and be sensible and not for fine art. But we will get there. Your work is excellent, by the way.

5 years ago

One of my MS-er friends makes some lovely jewellery when her hands let her.
You can see her stuff here:

5 years ago

Thanks to everybody for your feedback. Now i just need to find a MS compatible job! Any suggestions?

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